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How to choose a stateroom on a cruise ship

How to Choose a Stateroom on a Cruise Ship

Your room on a cruise ship can almost be anything you want it to be: budget and simple so you have more money to spend on experiences at home or away, or grand and luxurious so your cruise is surely one to go down in your personal history. If you’re already sure you want a slashed-price stateroom or an elegant cabin, you might not need to know about the differences between the 2. Read more [...]
How to Pack for a Cruise

How to Pack for a Cruise

Whether you’re cruising to Alaska, the Caribbean, or some other spectacular spot on earth, you’ll probably have to pack some essentials and you may not know what to pack. If you’re wondering how to pack for a cruise, this guide’s for you. We’ve put together some tips for packing for your next cruise, so that you can make smart decisions and have everything you need for your ocean or river adventure. Read more [...]
whale watching in seattle

Whale Watching in Seattle

If you live in Seattle, the Pacific Northwest, or anywhere you can get to Seattle from this winter and early spring, consider making a trip to Seattle for a whale-watching adventure. Until April, it will be the perfect time to enjoy viewing some of the most amazing animals on the planet before they migrate away for the summer. After that, until October, you’ll be hard-pressed to find glimpses of the spectacular creatures anywhere close by. Read more [...]
Holistic Holiday at Sea™

Book Your Passage Now for the Holistic Holiday at Sea™ 2017

Holistic Holiday at Sea ™ XIV sets sail on March 11th, 2017, but there’s still time to book your passage on this amazing cruise. The annual journey is one that offers cruisers the opportunity to view inspiring scenery, eat healthy and delicious food, take part in relaxing and regenerative activities, and learn more about living a life of wellbeing. Read more [...]
whale watching in southern california

Whale Watching in Southern California with Newport Landing

There’s still about 3-1/2 months of prime whale-watching season left in Southern California, so if you live there or are visiting the area, consider taking a whale watching cruise with Newport Landing. Newport Landing has been offering whale watching in Southern California for more than 20 years. Every day, the company takes locals and tourists out on adventures off the coast of Orange County, California - in the Pacific Ocean - to catch glimpses of giant blue whales, gray whales, finback whales, and possibly many other whales. Read more [...]
Paris to Normandy Cruises

Avalon Waterways Paris to Normandy Cruises 2017

A series of Paris to Paris river cruises will set sail in 2017 as part of Avalon Waterways offerings taking cruisers from Paris to Normandy, and then back to Paris on a cruise for 8 luxurious days. The Paris to Normandy cruises allow travelers to marvel at France’s capital and many charming towns along the Seine, in the lush and beautiful Normandy region that houses Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny and the magnificent Bizy Castle. Read more [...]