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Castaway Cay – Disney Cruise Lines Private Island

If you are considering a Disney cruise in the Bahamas, there is a very special feature that you should know about. The three, four, five and seven-night cruises on the Disney Wonder, Disney Fantasy, Disney Dream and the Disney Magic all make a special stop at Castaway Cay which is Disney’s private island! This is a shore excursion that adults and kids of all ages are sure to remember for a lifetime, not only for the incredible beauty but also because of all of the great activities. The Beach Scene The Read more [...]
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Understanding Each Different Cruise Line’s Target Audience

Understanding the target demographic for each cruise line is a huge first stride in choosing the cruise line for your next vacation. Just as you would research different locales for a dream vacation destination, you should also invest some time in learning whom each cruise line considers to be their target passengers. Not only will the target demographic have an impact on the entertainment and activities offered on board the ship but it can all influence the types of cuisine offered and even the Read more [...]
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Adults Only Cruises – Not Racy Just Child- Free

For many travelers, there is a distinction between an adults only cruise and a kid-free cruise. The “adults only” phrase conjures up an image of debauchery, risqué activities and even a clothing-optional environment whereas a “kid-free” cruise seems to imply that there is simply a minimum age for guests. But within the cruise ship industry, the two terms are pretty interchangeable. If you are looking for that “what happens on the cruise ship stays on the cruise ship” type of experience, Read more [...]
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Why Cruise Lines Don’t Allow Passengers to BYOB

Many travelers look at the rules prohibiting passengers from bringing their own alcohol on board as just another way to make more money from the already “captive audience”. These people pride themselves on being able to sneak alcohol onto the ship in their luggage using flasks designed to look like a shampoo bottle or in a specially designed plastic bag “flask” that can easily be concealed among clothing. But there are far more important reasons other than the profit margin that requires Read more [...]
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Carnival – The Youthful Hip Cruise Line

Selecting the best cruise line to meet your interest and needs is critical to having a fantastic vacation. And for those travelers who are looking for excitement, a huge variety of activities and affordable pricing, Carnival is a great choice. They offer everything from short 3 day tours of Baja and the Bahamas to cruises extending up to 24 days which visit exotic locales such as Bermuda, Panama and the Island of Roatan. And all of the ships in the Carnival fleet offer activities around the clock Read more [...]
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Discover the Perks of a Repositioning Cruise

Did you ever wonder what happens to the cruise ships that sail around Alaska in the summertime when winter rolls around? If you checked into that question, you would have learned about a somewhat unknown event called a repositioning cruise. This is how cruise lines move a ship to a new home port without the huge expense of sailing with an empty boat. The repositioning can be due to a routine seasonal change, the ship going to a new home port or even the ship traveling to a new port for a retrofit Read more [...]