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Port Miami

Understanding Each Different Cruise Line’s Target Audience

Understanding the target demographic for each cruise line is a huge first stride in choosing the cruise line for your next vacation. Just as you would research different locales for a dream vacation destination, you should also invest some time in learning whom each cruise line considers to be their target passengers. Not only will the target demographic have an impact on the entertainment and activities offered on board the ship but it can all influence the types of cuisine offered and even the Read more [...]
Carnival Fantasy

Carnival – The Youthful Hip Cruise Line

Selecting the best cruise line to meet your interest and needs is critical to having a fantastic vacation. And for those travelers who are looking for excitement, a huge variety of activities and affordable pricing, Carnival is a great choice. They offer everything from short 3 day tours of Baja and the Bahamas to cruises extending up to 24 days which visit exotic locales such as Bermuda, Panama and the Island of Roatan. And all of the ships in the Carnival fleet offer activities around the clock Read more [...]

4th of July Miami Cruises

There may still be time to get in on one of the 4th of July cruises leaving out of Miami next month. So, if you’re itching to cruise and don’t have plans for the 4th yet, check out the following excursions and inquire right away. Read more [...]

Carnival Vista

Carnival Vista is the largest ship Carnival Cruise lines has built, and it’s a behemoth that features many wonderful places for gathering and having gun. It’s the first vessel in Carnival’s new Vista Class, and it’s packed with activities and loaded with great amenities. Carnival Vista has tons of outdoor spaces for taking in gorgeous views of the ocean and it offers plenty of areas inside for soaking up scenery. Carnival Vista’s experiences and attractions are well-suited for adults, but they’re meant to provide travelers of all ages an amazing time. Read more [...]
conferences on cruise ships

Holding Meetings on Cruise Ships

Are you in charge of organizing your company’s next meeting? Consider having it on a cruise ship. Why a cruise ship? For starters, it will likely cost about the same price, or lower, than a traditional meeting venue. Surprised? We’ll tell you why in just a bit. Another reason you might want to hold your meeting on a cruise ship is, well, because it’s a cruise ship. Who wouldn’t be excited about attending a work function (that one might not want to attend otherwise) on a fun and festive ship at sea. Read more [...]
conferences on cruise ships

Holding and Attending Conferences on Cruise Ships

Imaging gathering with like-minded individuals, to discuss business or a topic of importance to you, while gazing out at the beautiful sea. What do you think it would it be like to meet in forums, or learn about new product launches, while en route to an exotic locale like the Caribbean or the Mexican Riviera? These scenarios are realities for those who hold and attend conferences on cruise ships. Read more [...]