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Plan Early to Ensure the Perfect Cruise

When you arrive at your cruise ship it can be very tempting to jump into relaxation mode right away. Nothing sounds more inviting than a cool drink and a comfy lounge chair by the pool so that you can enjoy the view as the ship leaves port. But investing just an hour in planning and booking activities can save you the disappointment of learning that your favorite show is completely booked and so is the snorkeling shore excursion that you had been looking forward to. Check On Your Requested Extras As Read more [...]

Cruises that are Cat and Dog Friendly

It is not at all uncommon for people to travel with their pets. But what is far less common is finding a cruise ship which allows a canine companion aboard. In the case of cruise ships which sail under the American flag, they must comply with the American Disabilities Act and therefore must allow service animals on board. However, cruise ships sailing under a foreign flag, even when docking in the United States, don’t always comply with any or all ADA requirements. But there is one cruise ship Read more [...]

The Importance of Your Passport When on a Cruise

Most cruises travel to foreign countries which means that all passengers are required to have a passport or a passport card. American citizens can travel with a passport card via land or sea to enter Canada, Mexico, Bermuda and the Caribbean. But all other destinations will require a passport book. And many travelers are worried that carrying their actual passport when in foreign ports is not wise. But the fact is that your actual passport should be with you when you are traveling in any foreign Read more [...]

Don’t Let Sea Sickness Ruin Your Cruise

Being sea sick is certainly not how you hope to remember your cruise. Sea sickness is another name for motion sickness and it is an issue that affects about one third of the population. But the good news for all of those people is that there are many ways to treat sea sickness and to lessen the impact that it has on your body and your ability to enjoy your cruise. Sea Sickness Medication One of the most common remedies for motion sickness is wearing a Transderm Scop patch behind the ear. These Read more [...]
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Discover the Perks of a Repositioning Cruise

Did you ever wonder what happens to the cruise ships that sail around Alaska in the summertime when winter rolls around? If you checked into that question, you would have learned about a somewhat unknown event called a repositioning cruise. This is how cruise lines move a ship to a new home port without the huge expense of sailing with an empty boat. The repositioning can be due to a routine seasonal change, the ship going to a new home port or even the ship traveling to a new port for a retrofit Read more [...]
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Cruises Make Getting There Half the Fun

Air travel can be a very expensive and less than rewarding experience for many travelers. As a result, those who have the luxury of time when travelling are more often booking a cruise to travel to their destination rather than being cramped in an airplane after hours of waiting in an airport. And some of the other benefits of travelling by ship will surprise even the thriftiest of travelers. Comparing Costs With the ever increasing cost of airfare, travel via a cruise ship is becoming a more Read more [...]