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How To Enjoy Your Cruise Without Adding Unwanted Pounds

Everyone enjoys vacations and many are even willing to go on a diet beforehand just to look fabulous in that new outfit or at the pool. and everyone equally abhors the post-vacation diet that not only marks the end of vacation but also the end of fabulous meals delivered to your table. But you can follow just a few tips while on vacation to not only enjoy your cruise but also to eliminate that pesky post cruise diet. Water Can Be Magic We have all heard the health professionals preaching that Read more [...]
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How To Introduce Your Children To The Joys Of A Cruise

Not every child is a good traveler and not every child is going to like the idea of going on a cruise. Your child might have heard from a friend about a boring experience or there might be a phobia of being on the water that he or she is not comfortable disclosing to you. But there are a few tips that you can employ to make your kids first cruise experience enjoyable for them and by extension for you. Participation In Planning Every child likes to feel involved and even in control of some part Read more [...]

How To Make Your Cruise Memorable

Going on any vacation is about getting away from home and your daily grind. You have an array of activities, numerous dining options and exotic ports of call to explore. So why not choose to make the most of your next cruise vacation? Take the opportunity to step completely out of your comfort zone during your next cruise to create some unforgettable memories. Try New Cuisine Most cruise ships offer a great variety when it comes to both meal and snack options. And the best part is that the food Read more [...]

Packing Tips to Make Your Cruise a Breeze

Packing a weeks’ worth of clothing and other personal items can become a little daunting, especially when you know that your cabin space is going to be fairly limited. But if you are willing to plan ahead and pick up a few specific items to add to your suitcase, your packing and storage woes can be a thing of the past. Packing for a Tropical Cruise Fortunately, most of the attire for a tropical destination is lightweight and requires very little space. Shorts and summer shirts can be rolled Read more [...]
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The Best Carry On For a Cruise or Flying

Many travelers prefer to use a backpack as their designated carry on item. Not only does it offer a great deal of space, but it can be carried in a variety of ways. Thrown over one shoulder it is easy to quickly grab and put down when boarding a plane, bus or getting into a taxi. And when it is worn over both shoulders the weight is evenly distributed and you have both hands free for safety. This is great for maneuvering in wet conditions or going up and down steps. Great Cargo Options A small Read more [...]
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How To Tip On A Cruise Ship

Leaving a tip or gratuity for a service provider is simply a gesture to say thank you for prompt, quality service. And in most parts of the world, it is this added income that increases a server’s modest income to a living wage. But what many travelers don’t know is that there are certain standards for tipping when it comes to the huge number of service providers on a cruise ship. Over Tipping? There is one instance where many guests are unknowingly over tipping during their cruise. When Read more [...]