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What to Expect on a Live Aboard Cruise

Every cruise line and even every cruise ship offers guests its own slightly unique experience. But without a doubt, a live aboard dive cruise is quite a different experience for anyone who has never had the pleasure. Obviously, these cruises center around scuba diving and destinations which offer dive sites. But by no means is this experience about nothing more than crossing some amazing dive spots and aquatic life off of your bucket list. Most live aboard dive vessels are outfitted to host between Read more [...]

Host Your Next Event on a Luxury Marina Del Rey, CA Yacht with FantaSea Yachts

Host your next party, corporate event or social gathering in Marina Del Rey on a luxury yacht from FantaSea Yachts. Read more [...]

Experience Luxury Yacht Cruising with Nicholson Yacht Charters

Taking a chartered yacht to an exclusive and luxurious destination can be just the type of trip you’ll always remember. If you’ve wanted to explore the Mediterranean, North American Coast or Caribbean in a unique way – or even Southeast Asia – consider going on a yacht cruise with Nicholson Yacht Charters. Read more [...]
Cruise Deals at Costco

Cruise Deals at Costco You Can Book This Winter

Costco sells food, clothes, shoes, office supplies, batteries, books, and even tires. So, why wouldn’t the company sell cruises? Costco, in fact, has some amazing travel and cruise deals that can get you on a ship to somewhere spectacular for an astoundingly cheap price. Read more [...]

Booking Priceline Cruises: Is it Worth It?

There are many ways to find discounted cruises, including consulting with travel agencies, checking automobile associations, and scouring specials on booking websites. One booking site in particular offer amazing deals if travelers agree to certain restrictions (which is often necessary anyway for the lowest passage) and if they wait until the last minute to book (not literally, but pretty last-minute for travel). That booking website is Priceline and it’s offering some outstanding opportunities to cruise for the lowest prices anywhere – guaranteed! Read more [...]

Take a Virgin Islands Vegan Cruise Vacation With Responsible Travel

Want go on a cruise where you can eat cruelty-free, healthy food and sail the waters of the world sustainably? Want to do it without tons of people on your ship with you? If so, consider taking a Virgin Islands Vegan Cruise Vacation with Responsible Travel. Read more [...]