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Crystal River Cruises

Crystal River Cruises: Danube, Rhine, and Other Cruises Rated the Best in the World

Crystal River Cruises offers an unparalleled experience cruising the most gorgeous rivers in the world, including the Danube and the Rhine. The Crystal cruise line presents travelers with luxurious and extraordinary options for cruising through the most spectacular parts of Europe, with all-suite accommodations on grand yachts and journeys that are significant in terms of their cultural offerings. Read more [...]
Paris to Normandy Cruises

Avalon Waterways Paris to Normandy Cruises 2017

A series of Paris to Paris river cruises will set sail in 2017 as part of Avalon Waterways offerings taking cruisers from Paris to Normandy, and then back to Paris on a cruise for 8 luxurious days. The Paris to Normandy cruises allow travelers to marvel at France’s capital and many charming towns along the Seine, in the lush and beautiful Normandy region that houses Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny and the magnificent Bizy Castle. Read more [...]
seine cruises

Bateaux Parisiens Seine Cruises

On a trip to Paris, a visit to the banks of the Seine is definitely a must. Along this famous river, it’s fun to walk and admire the architecture that speaks of Paris’ centuries-old history as well as its more recent past. It’s delightful to stop for un café during a Seine stroll that could last for hours, and it’s an experience unlike any other to simply linger by the water – perhaps with arms wrapped around a lover. Read more [...]
Cruise Deals at Costco

Cruise Deals at Costco You Can Book This Winter

Costco sells food, clothes, shoes, office supplies, batteries, books, and even tires. So, why wouldn’t the company sell cruises? Costco, in fact, has some amazing travel and cruise deals that can get you on a ship to somewhere spectacular for an astoundingly cheap price. Read more [...]

Small-Ship River Cruises with Victoria Cruises

Since 1993, Victoria Cruises has been a leader in river cruising. The line, based out of New York, established new standards for cruising from day one, when it planned and then sailed (in 1994) a luxury river cruise along China's Yangtze River. When the ship edged out of its port, travelers and the travel industry new there was something special happening. Today, Victoria cruises operates a fleet of seven Five-Star Ultra-Luxury vessels (as determined by the China National Tourism Administration) and each of the ships are all newly built or structurally rebuilt. Read more [...]

Taking a Look at Some Stunning Ama Waterways Small Ships

Ama Waterways is an award-winning river cruise operator that provides all-encompassing cruises on luxurious small ships. These vessels take passengers into the heart of Europe, Africa, and Asia down waterways that are known for their unparalleled beauty. On an Ama Waterways cruise, you'll spend from days to weeks discovering the world's best places - all while living in luxury. High-end services and amenities on Ama Waterways ships equal the extravagant itineraries that are planned for travelers. Read more [...]