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Dubai cruises

Dubai Cruises: Visit The City of Gold with Azamara Club Cruises

In Dubai, everything is bigger and more stunning. Dubai, United Arab Emirates is home to the tallest building in the world (viewing the Burj Khalifa is on the bucket list of many), the most impressive island (it’s manmade and shaped like a giant palm tree) and the planet’s first underwater hotel. Read more [...]

Stargazing on Cruise Ships

People go on cruises for many reasons. Some like to visit several port cities in a short period of time without having to pay to fly to each one. Others enjoy luxuriating in a pool all day with even more calm waters surrounding what’s essentially their huge luxurious raft. Cruises are fun ways to combining dancing, eating, gambling and other activities into one memorable vacation. And, they can be excellent opportunities for gazing out at the starry sky, if that’s the kind of thing that floats your boat. Stargazing on cruise ships may, in fact, be the best way to view the sky at night. Out in the ocean, where no lights interfere between your eyes and the heavens, you might see more celestial wonders than you could ever imagine. Read more [...]

There Are Just 2 More Months for Whale-Watching Cruises Through the Channel Islands

We have 2 more months of whale-watching season left in California (this spring), which means time is running out to get into the ocean and see some beautiful sea creatures – specifically the marvelous gray whales. Island Packers Gray Whale Watching is offering whale-watching cruises in the Channel Islands, off of the coast of Santa Barbara, for prime viewing until about mid-April and we think you should definitely take a journey with them if you’re in the area. Read more [...]
cruise trends for 2017

Cruise Trends for 2017: What’s Worth Checking Out

Every year, it seems like we see new trends in cruising, and this year is proving to be no different. We’ve been checking out what’s hot in the cruise world already for 2017, and it seems like travelers are enjoying every opportunity to take advantage of fresh experiences and comforts that cruise companies are providing. Cruise trends for 2017 include innovative directions in destinations and vessels, along with emerging movements in cruise focus and pricing. Read more [...]
top places for whale watching in the united states

Top Places for Whale Watching in the United States: Spring 2017 Whale Watching

In one of our recent posts, we told you about some whale-watching cruises you can take in the Seattle area to see whales up close, including Orcas and Gray Whales. Today, we want to share some other destinations in the United States that will also offer a great glimpse of the majestic ocean creatures, but only until about early-April and then the large ocean animals will nearly disappear until late fall. Read more [...]
how to find the best cruise deals

How to Find the Best Cruise Deals for 2017

You may very well have the perfect method for scoring the top cruise deals, but if you don’t, we’ll give you a little tried and true advice – at least as tried and true as travel booking advice can be in today’s fast-evolving industry – that will help you land a super deal on a cruise to somewhere sensational. From automobile and warehouse club memberships to opt-in emails and simply knowing the right time to book for discounts, we’ll show you how to find the best cruise deals for 2017. Read more [...]