Vegan Vacations at Sea 2017

Vegan Vacations at Sea has a history of offering extraordinary ocean excursions, and 2017 is looking like the company will provide the same level of awesome offerings. The all-vegan food and activities cruise business will take passengers to the Mexican Riviera this October, providing a journey that should surely be atop all lists of outstanding cruises for the year. Read more [...]

SeaDream Yacht Club Offers Special Voyages on One-of-a-Kind Vessels

Travelers looking for a unique and special cruise experience find their dreams come true on SeaDream Yacht Club excursions. SeaDream isn’t a cruise line by traditional definition, as it only has two vessels. And, the company even says it doesn’t offer cruises. It does, however, provide journeys via some of the most glorious yachts sailing on some of the most pristine waterways. Read more [...]
Vegan Vacation at Sea

Vegan Vacation at Sea 2017 – Canada and New England Cruise

Vegan Vacation at Sea is sailing from Montreal to Boston this July, and you’re going to want to be on that ship. On July 1st, the cruise will begin on Holland America’s ms Veendam and it adventure at sea to take passengers through ports in Canada and New England - offering tons of amazing vegan food to eat along the way.Read more [...]

Stargazing on Cruise Ships

People go on cruises for many reasons. Some like to visit several port cities in a short period of time without having to pay to fly to each one. Others enjoy luxuriating in a pool all day with even more calm waters surrounding what’s essentially their huge luxurious raft. Cruises are fun ways to combining dancing, eating, gambling and other activities into one memorable vacation. And, they can be excellent opportunities for gazing out at the starry sky, if that’s the kind of thing that floats your boat. Stargazing on cruise ships may, in fact, be the best way to view the sky at night. Out in the ocean, where no lights interfere between your eyes and the heavens, you might see more celestial wonders than you could ever imagine. Read more [...]
Norway's Aurora

Norway’s Aurora, Culture and Scenic Wonders

This October, a one-of-a-kind cruise sets sail to explore Norway’s aurora borealis, culture and scenic wonders. TravelQuest is putting together a cruise to Norway that will take passengers on an 8-night sail, to enjoy thrilling opportunities viewing the northern lights, small Norwegian towns, and pristine beauty of the area. Read more [...]

3 Summer Cruises for 2017

If you’ve been thinking about taking a summer cruise, the time is now to begin booking. Cruises for summer are selling out, and we want you to be able to experience a glorious summer at sea or on a beautiful river.If you know you want to cruise or are thinking about it, but you don't have ideas for where to go, the following suggestions might help.Read more [...]