2021 Brings Two New Themed Cruises at CMV

CMV Cruises, also known as Cruise and Maritime Voyages, has announced that they will be having two new themed cruises in 2021. Themed cruises are definitely one of the things we love most about the cruise industry, and we really get excited when we see any cruise line giving some attention to this type of cruising. The two different cruises are an Easter-themed cruise and a Back to the 80s cruise, and both sound super fun.

Easter-themed cruise

Who doesn’t love Easter? Childhood memories of painting, going on Easter egg hunts, eating candy, taking annoying pictures with your family…okay, maybe forget that last one. This cruise might not be one where you’re hanging out with the Easter Bunny, but it’s still an excellent way to celebrate the holiday and relax a little bit. The cruise itself lasts ten nights and is aboard the Marco Polo. You’ll sail from London on April 1, 2021 and hit up stops like Rotterdam, Isle of Skye, Guernsey and a whole lot more. The on-board entertainment will include comedy from Jimmy Cricket and Sue Hodge, as well as some apt Easter-related activities. CMV’s previous Easter cruises have been very well-received, so definitely keep your eye out for this one!

Back to the 80s cruise

Here’s one that you probably don’t wanna take the kids along for. Unless your kids love 80s music and cover bands, in which case this is the perfect cruise for them! This one is all about celebrating the music, culture and feeling of the 80s. This one also leaves from London but is much shorter, only lasting three nights, starting on May 6, 2021. You’ll be able to see the flowers blooming in the Netherlands on one of the stops, but really, the main draw here is on the ship itself. Aboard the Columbus will be a variety of tribute groups that are versed in all of the greatest hits of the decade. The Spandau Ballet Story will kick off some (you guessed it!) Spandau Ballet covers, while Sara Jones will blow you away with her rendition of Tina Turner jams. It’ll basically be non-stop music, and for an 80s fanatic, that’s a dream come true.

CMV is known for its excellent themed cruises, so they’re definitely worth considering even if you’re not particularly jazzed about Easter eggs or River Deep, Mountain High (which, you know, are both objectively great things, so you’d have to be pretty crazy to not love them). You can read all about them over here on CMV’s site.

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