2022 Itineraries Announced for Crystal’s New Ship, the Endeavor

Crystal is a cruise line well-known for extremely luxurious cruises, and Endeavor is no exception. While there are no trips currently available on Crystal’s flagship “expedition” vessel, their site allows booking for 2020 and 2021. These itineraries are beautiful explorations of places like Alaska and Singapore. They carry a hefty price tag, starting at $9549 and climbing up to about $15,000, but you’re certainly getting what you’re paying for. The ship boasts a one-to-one passenger to crew ratio and has literal helicopters and submarines to explore in (we’re not kidding!).

With all this said, it makes sense that Crystal has already started to roll out what it plans to do with the Endeavor in 2022. If you’re gonna drop this much money, you may as well plan ahead! The trips planned come in two different types: expeditions and cultural discoveries. The expedition trips go to exotic spots and offer a feel of adventure in Antarctica, Iceland, and the Falkland Islands, among other spots. The cultural discoveries are more focused on diving deep into foreign cultures like the Ivory Coast or British Isles. The director of marketing and sales at Crystal described the aim of Endeavor’s 2022 itineraries as “taking guests to some locales rarely visited by humans, as well as bringing them into the heart of well-traveled beloved destinations for a new and unique perspective.”

The 2022 trips include a variety of spots both familiar and new for the Endeavor. There will be eight Arctic voyages visiting locations like the Arctic Circle and traveling across the Norwegian Sea. There will also be two new river expeditions, one traveling up the Guadalquivir and another sailing up the Nantes. Finally, there will be three African trips, something which is new for the ship, with stops in Angola, Sierra Leone, Ghana and more.

Certainly the Endeavor is not an option for all sea-faring folk out there, but it serves as a fun reminder of the amazing places cruises can take us. The idea of hopping in a helicopter to get a better view of glacial outcroppings is one that should inspire wanderlust in the most contented homebodies. The fact that the Endeavor is expanding and visiting new places is exciting, and it will be interesting to see the ways it can dive into cultures like those found in its African voyages. And, remember, if you do have the cash, the Endeavor is still booking for the next two years, meaning you don’t have to wait until 2022 to go on one of its luxurious expeditions.

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