3 Reasons to Book a Holiday Cruise

While many cruise line companies do change their itineraries according to the time of year, they don’t change whether or not their ships sail; cruises run year-round, and so it’s possible to be at sea during a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Even though a lot of folks can’t imagine not being at home to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, there are some good reasons to book a holiday cruise.

Have A Unique Holiday Experience

Each cruise ship sailing is a little different, and holiday cruises are even more special. Book a cruise and spend Thanksgiving, Christmas, Channukah or New Year’s Eve at sea! Enjoy décor, dinner menus, and programming geared to the holiday. From the most magnificently decorated evergreen tree to storytelling, stage performances, kids’ activities, and specialty dishes – just for starters! – spending a holiday at sea can provide a whole new outlook on a holiday that may have become ho-hum.

Enrich Your Holiday Celebrations

Travelers can experience local celebrations of shared holidays in ports of call. Not only are they interesting and engaging on their own, but these new-to-you celebrations can inspire vacationers to incorporate some of those elements into their own holiday celebrations next year. Maybe it’s a Christmas market on a European river cruise or a nativity scene from Mexico. It’s hard to guess where an ordinary experience can be transformed by grace, leading to a richer and more personal understanding of a holiday that’s been long taken for granted.

Manage a Life-Changing Event

Change is hard in the best of times, and when things aren’t at their best, perhaps getting away from it all is a solution, albeit a temporary one. Perhaps the last of the children has left home and the house feels too empty for a Thanksgiving dinner for two. Or maybe there’s been a death or divorce that leaves a family feeling fractured. Taking a cruise together can provide a chance to take a breather from the new normal and make new memories together.

There are lots of folks who’d never dream of being away from home on a holiday. Tradition has a powerful pull on them. For others, it’s just the thing they need, whether they’re seeking something new and exciting or a break from a holiday marked by loss and sadness. With a little planning and a willingness to be open to new experiences, taking a holiday cruise can be the perfect way to replenish holiday cheer.

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