A Brand New Ship for Silversea

In a time when most cruise lines aren’t making much progress, Silversea is proving that it’s still very possible by accepting the delivery of their brand new ship, Silver Origin. This was the first in-person delivery of a ship since the start of coronavirus, perhaps indicating that more deliveries will be possible for cruise lines moving forward. Here’s everything you need to know about the delivery of the ship, as well as some specs on the Silver Origin!

The ceremony

While many ship delivery ceremonies are marked by big crowds and huge celebrations, this one was (understandably) much less intense. It was much more intimate and was attended by just a few of the Silversea higher-ups, among them being the President and CEO of Silversea, their Chief Marketing Officer, a Chairman, and a few more. The event itself took place in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

The building process

Silver Origin was built at the De Hoop Shipyard in the Netherlands. The process itself was obviously a bit strained due to the coronavirus, with the President and CEO of Silversea, Roberto Martinoli, saying that he gives thanks “especially to the De Hoop Shipyard who overcame many challenges to complete the ship.” The shipyard had to focus on building a state-of-the-art ship with an emphasis on sustainability, all during a pandemic, which is impressive to say the least.

The ship

The Silver Origin is, by all standards, a very exciting new cruise ship. It’s the first ship for Silversea that is designed for a specific destination (in this case, the Galapagos). It is built to have a very low impact on the Galapagos while still offering travelers a sense of true luxury and the ability to interact with the area they are visiting. Perhaps the coolest part about the ship is a sector of it called the Basecamp, where guests can engage with educational materials and listen to lectures from experts on the Galapagos (that are all also residents of the Galapagos). The Basecamp is designed to bring guests up to speed on the area before they go out to explore it – often via kayaks.

Anyone interested in the Galapagos should definitely have their eyes on the Silver Origin. It’s poised to be the ultimate cruising experience for the area while also keeping in mind its fragile nature. If you’re the type of traveler who likes to truly understand the place they’re visiting, this will be the cruise ship for you.

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