A Life Changing Cruise

Most people think of a working vacation as a business trip to a tourist friendly locale with some free time for sightseeing. But consider being a part of a working cruise where your “job” is to assist scientists as they work to protect the ocean or to gain important information about marine life. This hardly sounds like work to most people who love the water, so these working cruises are becoming more popular for many travelers.

Vacation with a Purpose

Many of these unique cruise opportunities allow you to work alongside the world’s leading researchers as they investigate the ocean and gather data on a specific region, species or the overall health and well-being of the ocean. The highly skilled staff aboard these research boats provide information to travelers as well as the chance to get up close with some of the most amazing creatures in the ocean including hammerhead sharks, white tipped reef sharks, manta rays, dolphins and more. Not only is this a once in a life time chance to explore the ocean with a marine expert but it is also your opportunity to give back to the ocean and the world.

Help Our Understanding of Global Warming

Global warming is a topic that is in the media on almost a daily basis. But not too many people other than scientists have a chance to contribute to how we, as a society, think about and understand the process and the impact that it has on the environment. Currently, there are a number of studies under way in the Red Sea in an effort to understand how global warming could be impacting coral bleaching and the entire marine ecosystem. Booking a cruise which is joining in this research effort will not only increase your personal knowledge and understanding of global warming but also the contribution of your time will help scientists achieve results more rapidly.

Explore Like a Professional

National Geographic also offers travelers the opportunity to explore the world from the comfort of a cruise ship but with the added expertise of professional photographers, marine biologists, historians and naturalists. Trips range from five days to well over a month and can include destinations such as Alaska, Patagonia, Costa Rica, Baja, Antarctica and more. Cruises can be selected based on the location or the intensity of the activity involved in the exploration, and there are even programs for students.

Opting to set off on a cruise vacation which also offers a learning opportunity and a chance to give back to the environment is certainly an exciting adventure. And any trip with such an important purpose only adds to the intensity and value of the experiences. Being a part of a working cruise vacation is certain to be a fulfilling and life changing experience for every traveler. Working cruise vacations are offered by National Geographic, Quicksilver and many other groups who work with colleges, research facilities and charitable foundations with focus on learning about and caring for our oceans.

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