A Look at Some of the Craziest Cruise Destinations

For many of us, the first thing that comes to mind when we think of cruise ships is palm trees, sandy beaches and warm sun. Almost every cruise line has a multitude of fun and cheap options to places like Mexico or the Caribbean, making this association make complete sense. While these destinations are true classics with their own flavor of adventure, there is a whole world of cruises that go off the beaten path to visit exotic locations. If you’re someone who’s interested in travelling places your friends have never been, check out our quick look at some of the craziest places cruise ships can visit!


While some of us may have gone on (or know someone who has gone on) an Alaskan cruise to see whales and glaciers, certain cruises take their icy expeditions a step further by visiting Antarctica. While a lot of locations on Earth can be flown to, Antarctica is one of the places civilians are really only going to reach by cruise ship. There are a number of cruise lines that tread into the frozen continent, chief among them Silversea Expeditions, Quark Expeditions and Hurtigruten. Trips to Antarctica emphasize exploration, visiting sweeping locales filled with ice, snow and once-in-a-lifetime wildlife. All of these voyages place a sharp focus on safety and education, pairing voyagers with experts that give lectures and tours designed to help you get the most out of your experience while limiting the damage to the environment (and yourself!). Cruises to Antarctica are unarguably expensive, but you’re paying for one of the most unique vacation experiences out there.

The Amazon River

The Amazon River, which is the longest in the world for those who need a refresher from their geography courses, is definitely one of the most exotic places you can visit on a cruise. You’ll be shelling out a pretty penny for a lot of the cruises here, much like with the Antarctica voyages, but you’re once again getting a real sense of luxury alongside the breathtaking locale. Aqua Expeditions’ Amazon cruises include jacuzzis and a one-to-one passenger to crew ratio. Depending on the itinerary, you could find yourself trekking through rain forests and visiting small villages. Let’s take this moment as a reminder to bring bug spray.

African Safari Cruises

While cruises that visit Africa are still a relative rarity, cruises that visit Africa while also offering a focus on safari are even more rare. The aforementioned luxury line Silversea Cruises offers many different African cruises that make a point to stop in places like Kenya and South Africa to check out the wildlife. A lot of these trips are on the longer side, offering multiple days in different locations to see a wide variety of animals. Other cruise lines, such as Oceania and Regent, offer safari as add-ons to certain trips as well.

All of the cruise lines mentioned above have a variety of amazing itineraries to select from for those with a heart set on adventure. If that describes you, head over to their websites and book a luxurious, exotic trip!

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