A New Pier for Antigua!

Is there a new pier planned for Antigua? The Caribbean island has long been a hot-spot for cruise ships, as it offers incredible beaches and a bit of interesting history that any traveler would be excited to check out. However, the island has been long overdue for expansion. It’s a hugely popular spot that is just begging for more tourism opportunities. And it seems these opportunities are coming.


A brand new pier for the island is currently undergoing construction. This will allow for plenty of new ships to come through and dock at the island, letting the tourism on the island flourish more than ever before. The new pier will be able to accommodate Oasis-class ships, which for those who don’t know is a class of ships deemed the “world’s largest cruise ships” by Royal Caribbean. So yeah, this pier will basically be able to take in anybody that wants to head there.

What else?

Well, if you were thinking this pier wasn’t the end of development in the area, you would be correct! It’s actually only part of a deal that will end up spanning over 30 years (and costing over $50 million). This will include retail development that will end up positioning Antigua as even more of a destination than before, as it will give tourists even more to do while their ship is docked there. While there aren’t a ton of details yet, travelers can look forward to what will definitely be some exciting changes for the island.


Global Ports Holding, a large-scale marine tourism company, is the one responsible for the deal with Antigua. They’re overseeing both the pier and the other developments that will be taking place. In terms of actual construction, that falls under the responsibility of Meridian Construction Company Limited, a company that made the last port for Antigua back in 2016. So, they’ve got the experience.


Ah, the all-important question. Those who are excited won’t have to wait for too long, as the pier is set to be ready for the 2020-2021 season. This comes just in time, too, as the island has actually recently seen a slight decline in visits from cruise ships: in 2019, they were down from 80 ships to 66 ships, for the year.

While the existence of a brand new pier at a beautiful Caribbean island may only frustrate you in light of coronavirus messing up your summer vacation plans, fret not! This pier will be ready for you just as the industry is likely to pick back up again, so try to look forward to getting to it whenever it’s safe to do so.

 A New Pier for Antigua!
Article Name
A New Pier for Antigua!
The island has been long overdue for expansion.

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