Add To The Fun Of Your Next Dive Cruise with Underwater Photography!

Anyone who enjoys scuba diving knows that there is no better way to enjoy a dive vacation than to be on a cruise with a bunch of other divers. These dive cruises are focused primarily on diving but also offer other forms of entertainment such as swimming, shore excursions, movies and more. One of the other great features of almost every dive cruise is amazing food. With all of the physical activity each day, divers are ravenous and ready to eat after a few dives. If you are ready to add a new dimension of fun to your next diving cruise, consider trying your hand at underwater photography.

What You Need
A great many divers jump in the water with some entry-level cameras such as a GoPro in a waterproof case or a waterproof point and shoot model. But if you are really interested in getting some great panoramic shots or the tiniest of sea life in a macro shot, then you will need some upgraded equipment. offers a huge assortment of camera gear including underwater units of all types. And the best part is that they offer a wide range of rental equipment. So you can rent camera gear for your next cruise and try it before you buy it.

What to Look For In Gear
Each diver is going to have different camera preferences just as they do for any dive gear. Some divers are looking for the smallest camera possible so that it can be clipped on a BCD when entering and exiting the water. Other divers are looking for a larger rig that has optional lighting for taking pictures inside wrecks and in caves. And other divers want a camera that senses the depth and ambient light and sets the filters and flash accordingly. So unless you are an avid photographer on land, renting camera equipment for your next dive cruise is the best way to discover underwater photography and the equipment that you prefer to use.

While on a dive-specific cruise, you are certain to meet many other underwater photography enthusiasts. This is a great way to learn more about the process, the equipment and what works best for divers who have a similar dive style and skill level to your own. And it is a great way to get some valuable tips from pros who have the top of the line equipment and are happy to share their photos and knowledge with other divers.

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