Advice and Tips for First-Time Cruisers (Part 3)

This last post in our series on advice and tips for first-time cruisers will focus on how to best enjoy your time on your cruise. There are many activities you’ll have the chance to participate in while cruising, and there are tons of opportunities for exploring the ports you’ll be traveling to. So, consider the following recommendations and you’ll be better prepared to experience it all in a way that’s most enjoyable to you.

  • Try to view the sunrise or sunset at least once. Seeing the sun rise or set from the deck of a cruise ship is a magnificent thing. Even if your schedule is completely booked, squeeze in a bit of time for this activity. Sunrise is less crowded as a rule, but sunsets are super romantic so you might want to make sure you’re around for one or two.
  • Familiarize yourself with the daily program. Many cruises put out a daily program for dining, entertaining, parties, and activities. View it daily, preferably in the morning (or at night, if you have a copy of the next day’s program) and note the things you want to be around for. The daily programs are helpful for those who need a nudge when it comes to how to plan an exciting day at sea. Many cruise lines let you follow the daily program via online apps, which is great for those who don’t want to bring papers everywhere.
  • Start and stay organized. The minute you get on your cruise ship, head to your cabin and put everything where it goes. Then, throughout your cruise, make the small effort to remain tidy and you’ll enjoy an organized vacation that probably won’t involve tickets being lost, missed dinner appointments, last minute searches for sunscreen, or any other inconveniences.

    In addition to these bits of advice and tips, first-time cruisers will likely have an enjoyable cruise by initiating conversation with table mates at mealtimes, taking short naps on days at sea, drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, eating healthy food (yes, it’s possible) to avoid illness, and avoiding any impulse purchases that may be regrettable to the wallet at a later time.

Most of all, try to relax and enjoy your first cruise, and when you come back, feel free to visit us here and let us know how it all went!

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