All About the Carnival Vista

The Carnival Vista is a cruise ship that has something for everyone… as long as you aren’t looking for a quiet evening surrounded by calm people. Vista is a ship that is all about excitement, but there are enough options that every member of the family will find something delightful to explore. Let’s check out what makes Carnival Vista so great.

The stats

Launched way back in 2015, Carnival Vista has quickly become one of the most beloved ships in Carnival’s fleet. It was the first ship in Carnival’s Vista class, which is currently their largest group of vessels. Vista checks in at 133,596 tons. That’s a big ship. That means that it has plenty of room for travelers, with a max occupancy of just slightly under 5000 people and 1450 crew. Naturally, Vista was a very expensive ship, with its cost being $780 million. Woah.

What makes it unique

Carnival Vista is a ship that really is in line with modern family cruise ships of the day. It’s filled with exciting activities that are super over-the-top. With that being said, Vista is unique largely because of the sheer number of experiences that it offers; few other ships can match the sheer breadth of offerings. The ropes course is something that many travelers love trying out while onboard, as it mixes the adrenaline-junkie theme of the ship with high-up viewpoints that allow for panoramic views. Another incredibly cool and unique option on the ship is the SkyRide. It’s a bit hard to describe, but think of go karts…in the air. Parents looking for a slightly more mature evening can check out the massive casino, as well as the microbrewery. We’re really only scratching the surface of what this ship has to offer.

Who is it for?

Like most ships in Carnival’s fleet, Vista is designed with a specific audience in mind. This isn’t a luxury ship that is suited towards an older, relaxed crowd. You’re going to be surrounded by families that are having the times of their lives, and you definitely will not have a lot of fun if you want peace and quiet. It’s built so that family members of all different ages can have fun while travelling the seven seas together. This is also a ship that is for people looking for a quick jaunt that doesn’t break the bank. Bookings are cheap, but the experience might get old if you’re on the ship for too long.

To learn more about Carnival Vista and even check out some of its itineraries, head over to Carnival’s website.

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