All the Details You Need to Know About Crystal Serenity

Regularly rated as one of the best luxury ships on the market, Crystal Serenity isn’t a cruise ship that caters to everyone. It has a moderately formal atmosphere, and is far more relaxed than ships from companies like Royal Caribbean or Celebrity. With that being said, there’s a reason that so many people love booking on this ship. Let’s find out why that is.

The stats

Crystal Serenity has a gross tonnage of 68,870. This is in stark contrast to the biggest ships on the market currently, which all reach over 200,000 tons. However, it’s the largest vessel in Crystal’s fleet. That means that, at least in terms of luxury ships, there’s plenty of room to move around and explore. It’s also their newest ocean ship, being built in 2003 in St. Nazaire, France. The ship can hold just about 980 passengers alongside 655 crew. There are nine decks that are accessible to guests across the ship’s 820 feet of length. Here’s another fun fact about Crystal Serenity: it has a permanent resident. Since 2008, a woman named Lee Wachtstetter has spent nearly $200,000 a year to live on Crystal Serenity every day of the year. (Her stay has obviously been complicated due to coronavirus, however. It’s currently unclear whether she is still onboard as of right now.) That’s how you know a ship is good – when people never want to leave!

The crowd

Crystal Serenity has a bit of a reputation as often being populated by repeat customers that are exploring the world during their retirement periods. This isn’t entirely untrue. Serenity, with its calm atmosphere and focus on enrichment programs over excitement, certainly draws in an older crowd. Additionally, many people return time and time again due to the amazing service found on the ship. But that isn’t the full story. Crystal has many booking policies that benefit families, so you can expect to see a bit more diversity than the ship’s reputation implies. English is certainly the most common language spoken on the ship, but some world travelers that speak other languages will also regularly appear onboard.

What makes it unique

Serenity doesn’t have much that you can’t find in other luxury ships. But what the ship can offer is quality. The restaurants, entertainment, and overall ambience really can’t be beat. One of the biggest draws of the ship for many is its enrichment program. You can regularly sit in on talks from a diverse range of experts. Professional athletes, astronauts, and scientists are just some of the many people that have spoken to the passengers of Crystal Serenity. Another favorite of many people who cruise on Serenity is the Silk Road restaurant. The mastermind behind the Asian eatery is Nobu Matsuhisa, a renowned chef that has restaurants across the world. All the other places to eat on the ship are also known to be top notch.

Crystal isn’t a cruise line that offers the adrenaline-filled party atmosphere that some of the world’s biggest cruise lines are known for. But if you’re looking to take a trip that is just as much about relaxation and luxury as it is about discovery, you can’t go wrong booking with Crystal Serenity. You can check out the ship’s itineraries over here.

All the Details You Need to Know About Crystal Serenity
Article Name
All the Details You Need to Know About Crystal Serenity
Regularly rated as one of the best luxury ships on the market, Crystal Serenity isn't a cruise ship that caters to everyone.

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