Are You Celiac or Gluten-Free? Check Out These Gluten-Free Cruises!

Cruising for someone sticking to a gluten-free diet can be a daunting task. In fact, any type of travel can seem like a challenge. It’s hard to know if where you’ll going will have the correct food options for you, and it can be hard to cook for yourself while traveling. Cruises in particular might seem scary, as you’re stuck with whatever is available on the ship. Whether you have celiac disease or just like to avoid gluten in general, you deserve to have confidence that you’ll be able to satisfy your dietary needs when you step onto a cruise. For that reason, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gluten-free cruises out there!


Celebrity Cruises is one of the absolute best companies out there for someone looking to book a cruise with gluten-free options. The most important thing to know is that their staff are trained in helping people with alternative diets. This means that they will completely understand how to make gluten-free meals, and then some. Some travelers report receiving both gluten-free bread and extra butter at their table. The fact that the waitstaff understood the issue of cross-contamination enough to do this is pretty impressive. Some of their ships offer entire buffet sections of gluten-free food, and all other food is clearly labeled so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into. Celebrity offers gluten-free folks great peace of mind, in addition to lots of options.


Like a lot of the higher-end lines, Cunard is definitely willing to go the extra mile to help their guests when it comes to food. It is very important that you let the operator know beforehand, though. Additionally, it could be helpful to let the waitstaff know personally, just in case the message didn’t go through. With that being said, you can expect extremely high quality food made with a real understanding of the gluten-free diet. A lot of the food is gluten-free already, but they’re more than happy to whip up some special rolls or loaves of bread. Much like Celebrity, the dining professionals here are also well-trained in these issues.

Celiac Disease Foundation Sponsored Gluten-Free Cruises

If cruising with a normal company doesn’t feel quite personalized or specific enough, there are people that have your back. There are a few cruises out there that focus solely on creating a gluten-free experience. The Celiac Disease Foundation partnered with Royal Caribbean in January 2020 for a unique itinerary that served only gluten-free meals, leaving guests feeling completely stress-free and knowing that no contamination would happen in their food. If this sounds like exactly what you’re looking for, the group is planning another trip in 2021 with Ama Waterways. It’s a 6-night gluten-free cruise that begins in Vilshofen, Germany and heads to Budapest, Hungary. You can check the details out here. In addition to the obvious benefits of it being a cruise that is completely dedicated to your dietary needs, it may also be nice to know that you’ll be surrounded by people that deal with the same issues you do.

So, there you have it! As you can see, there’s plenty of options out there for the gluten-free traveler. Honestly, most cruise lines are definitely able to accommodate alternative diets, so don’t lose hope if your favorite line isn’t on this list! Just reach out to them beforehand and it’s likely you’ll be able to work something out.

Are You Celiac or Gluten-Free? Check Out These Gluten-Free Cruises!
Article Name
Are You Celiac or Gluten-Free? Check Out These Gluten-Free Cruises!
Cruising for someone sticking to a gluten-free diet can be a daunting task.

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