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The Disabled Carnival Triumph – a Cruise with No Winners – Due in Port Soon

Over 4,000 people aboard The Carnival Triumph are reported suffering from a lack of food, power, and bathroom facilities as the ship slowly makes its way back to port via four tugboats which are towing the ship to safety. According to Carnival Cruise Lines, the ship will arrive on Thursday evening in Mobile, Alabama where passengers will get a choice of taking substantial bus rides to New Orleans, Houston, or Galveston. Read more [...]

How to Take a Cruise on a Budget

Planning a holiday adventure can be quite stressful. Having an idea of what you would like to do can add even more stress, especially when you are on a tight budget and don't think you can afford a memorable vacation for you and your loved ones. Read more [...]

Transcript of Emergency Call Between Italian Coast Guard and Cruise Ship Costa Concordia Captain Francesco Schettino

By now everyone is aware of the cruise ship disaster that occurred a few days ago when the Costa Concordia, a ship owned by Carnival, ran aground off the Port of Livorno. What you may not be aware of is the complete cowardice of the captain, Captain Francesco Schettino, in abandoning ship when hundreds remained on board the capsizing ocean liner, and refusing a Coast Guard order to get back on his ship. Here is the full transcript of the call between a frantic and furious Italian Coast Guard officer, and Schettino Read more [...]

Alaska Cruises

Alaska cruises offer the ultimate Alaska vacation, and Alaska cruises offer you sights that you won't find anywhere else. Read more [...]

Tom Cruise

Whether you were a fan of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, are a fan of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, or are just a fan of Tom Cruise no matter who he has on his arm, the facts behind Tom Cruise's rise to fame may surprise you! Read more [...]

Royal Caribbean Cruises

A Royal Carribean cruise is the ultimate in cruise enjoyment. Whatever your cruise preferences, you're sure to find them amply satisfied with a Royal Carribean cruise! Read more [...]