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Why a Cruise is the Perfect Chance to Practice Mindfulness

Most folks lead pretty hectic lives full of family and work obligations that leave them feeling exhausted and burned out. The idea of a vacation may even feel like just one more thing on the to-do list instead of a chance to take a real break from daily life and recharge. And while that might be true for many kinds of trips, taking a cruise offers passengers an extended opportunity to find mindfulness at sea. Read more [...]

5 Camera Tips for Cruise Ship Vacations

After all the perfume is used, the candies or coffee have been enjoyed, and the suntans have faded, the photographs from a cruise ship vacation take on additional value. Photos are powerful mementos of great trips gone by and can take you back to that moment – on the beach, at a local festival, or watching your child try an exotic dish for the first time – instantly. Here’s how to ensure you’re camera-ready at all times. Read more [...]

Brush Up on a Foreign Language Before Your Cruise

One of the most exciting parts of cruise ship travel can be visiting places where other languages are spoken. Sure, many people speak English in touristy areas; however, sometimes you want to be able to understand simple signs and basic courtesies in the native language. Even if you’ve had no prior foreign language learning, you can pick up a few simple words and phrases before your trip. Read more [...]

Make Great Family Memories on a Christmas Cruise

People love holiday traditions but sometimes that constancy can feel stifling. In those cases, perhaps a Christmas cruise can restore eagerness and excitement by presenting the holiday in a new light. Cruise ship companies typically up their game during the holidays from Thanksgiving to New Year’s, leaving no part of the ship untouched by holiday magic. It’s a great way to make memories together as a family. Read more [...]

3 Reasons to Book a Holiday Cruise

While many cruise line companies do change their itineraries according to the time of year, they don’t change whether or not their ships sail; cruises run year-round, and so it’s possible to be at sea during a holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Even though a lot of folks can’t imagine not being at home to celebrate the holidays with family and friends, there are some good reasons to book a holiday cruise. Read more [...]

Make Your Alaskan Trip Unforgettable: A Whale’s Song Expeditions

One of the primary reasons many cruise ship travelers book Alaskan journeys is to see amazing wildlife in their natural habitats. And while gorgeous views from cruise ship decks are breath-taking, to really get an up-close, once-in-a-lifetime view, excursions like those from A Whale’s Song Expeditions are the way to go. Read more [...]