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Cruise Line Profiles: Princess Cruises

When looking for a cruise to take, you may have come across the Princess Cruises cruise line. It has a fun name, but what is there to this cruise line that truly makes it stand out from its contemporaries? Let's dive in and see what aspects make Princess Cruises one of the better affordable options out there for people wishing to sail across the seas. Read more [...]

Costa Cruises Announces Delectable Chocolate-Themed Cruise

If Willy Wonka on the Seven Seas is a concept that appeals to you, you may want to pay close attention to the new announcement courtesy of Costa Cruises: an entire voyage dedicated to chocolate. Read more [...]

A Look At Some of the Best Restaurants on Cruise Ships

Some people see cruises as a unique dining opportunity, a chance to eat from five-star restaurants while sailing across the sea. While not everyone can afford to go on a luxury cruise to sample Michelin-starred meals, everyone can read about these restaurants and salivate over some food fantasies. So, join us in a review of some of the best food that cruise lines have to offer, and maybe find some inspiration for a future trip! Read more [...]

Carnival Announces Another New Ship!

A ceremony to commemorate a new ship called the Carnival Panorama was held in Italy, and Carnival has begun to release all the details we need to know about the ship. While it'll be a short bit until anyone can take a trip on it (the ship is currently on a passenger-less voyage across the Atlantic to allow the crew to get accustomed to it), read ahead to see what you can expect out of the newest vessel! Read more [...]

What Makes a Luxury Cruise Luxurious?

For those who have never been on a luxury cruise, it may seem like a fancy way of selling something that's no different than a normal cruise. Can there really be anything to it other than the bragging rights? Well, actually, yes, and we're here to tell you exactly what all the hype is about! Read more [...]

Cruise Line Profiles: Crystal Cruises

Here is an understatement: there are a lot of cruise lines out there. For the uninitiated, picking which company to go with for a cruise can be an overwhelming, confusing process. The best way to go about choosing one is to break it down by the factors that matter most. For your booking convenience, read on to figure out the details about Crystal Cruises and to see if it's the right line to give you the trip you deserve! Read more [...]