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Three More Underrated Cruise Destinations

Every dedicated cruise traveler should make a point of educating themselves on the best underrated destinations out there. Read more [...]

When to Expect the Debut of the New Cordelia Cruises

Here's all that we know about Cordelia at the moment and when we can expect the new cruise line to finally hit the seven seas. Read more [...]

The Latest Updates on the Push to Resume Cruising in the U.S.

The biggest story in the cruise industry right now is the push for the CDC to allow cruising to resume in the U.S. Read more [...]

Why You Should Take a Cruise to Lisbon, Portugal

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New 2021 Cruise Schedules for Royal, Virgin and More

Several cruise lines, including Virgin and Royal, have announced new schedules for 2021. Read more [...]

Push Continues to Restart American Cruising

The CDC has not yet shown any signs of allowing an imminent restart to the cruise industry in America. Read more [...]