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Three Underrated Cruise Locations

There are some cruise destinations out there that, despite being overlooked and underrated, should be on every traveler's bucket list. Read more [...]

Three Things You Never Knew You Needed on a Cruise Vacation

Everyone is obviously going to require different things to be comfortable on a cruise, but we recommend considering packing these three items the next time that you hop onto a cruise ship. Read more [...]

MSC Ship Catches Fire

Some bad news from MSC Cruises: one of their ships was seen smoking and on fire on March 12th. Read more [...]

COVID Cases Detected on Royal Caribbean Ship

Unfortunately, a few COVID cases have been detected on the new Royal Caribbean ship. Read more [...]

English Cruises Returning on May 17th

It looks like cruises are going to be returning to England sooner than we thought! Read more [...]

Royal Caribbean Moves Odyssey of the Seas to Israel

Royal Caribbean just did something that might surprise you: they made plans to move Odyssey of the Seas to Israel. Read more [...]