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Experience France on a River Cruise

All of France’s waterways lead to lush and fertile farmlands, where vineyards and other sources of bounty shape the nation’s revered cuisine. France’s Rhône and Seine gave birth to the celebrated cultures of Provence and Paris, wherein artists have long found inspiration in the leisurely rivers. Bordeaux’s viniculture relies on France’s river water. Lovers experience romance along these passageways that are perfect for exploring via a river cruise. Read more [...]

Take a River Cruise Through Spain

Located in Western Europe, Spain is one of the world’s top vacation destinations. Its landscape and waterways provide many enchanting opportunities for exploration, including visiting historic towns and discovering lush river valleys. Spain is the third largest country in Europe, after France and Germany. It shares the Iberian Peninsula with Portugal, and its Guadiana River forms a natural border between Spain and Portugal. Read more [...]

View Valleys, Vineyards and Medieval Towns When Cruising the Mosel River

Known as the Mosel to the Germans and the Moselle to the French, the river that’s one of the longest tributaries of the Rhine covers about 340 miles from end to end. The Mosel River begins at Ballon d’Alsace, in the high Vosages Mountains that sit in France. Its ending point joins the Rhine in Koblenz, Germany, and as the river flows through France, it passes through Joan of Arc’s homeland of Lorraine. Read more [...]

View a UNESCO World Heritage Site on a Douro River Cruise

The Douro stretches all the way from the Atlantic Ocean and Porto, a port city in Portugal, to the largely docking city of Vega de Terron in Spain. When you visit Porto via your Douro River cruise, you may feel like you’re in San Francisco. Filled with hills and energetic city life, along with fog that rolls in off of the Atlantic, Porto is just as beautiful as the City by the Bay but at the same time its own unique gem. Read more [...]

Explore Ancient Cities and Lush Vineyards on Rhine River Cruises

View castles, medieval villages and lush vineyards on Rhine River cruises through Switzerland, Austria and Germany. A Rhine River cruise is a worthwhile experience for any traveler looking to explore ancient castles, medieval cities, old towns and lush villages. Depending on your itinerary, which could take you through Germany, Switzerland, Austria or a combination of these countries, a river cruise on the Rhine may present days or even weeks of discovering historic places like Strasbourg or modern metropolis’ including Cologne. Read more [...]

Spend a Leisurely Vacation in Germany on a Main River Cruise

See Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands on a Main River cruise including passage on the Rhine or Danube. Journey along the Main River and discover Germany, and then head into Belgium or the Netherlands via the Rhine or Danube River. The Main River lies entirely in Germany, and it frequently takes travelers on 5 to 30 day cruises into some absolutely beautiful territory. However the Main River is usually combined with other rivers, including the Moselle, to provide the perfect itinerary for cruising through Europe. Read more [...]
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