Avalon Waterways Paris to Normandy Cruises 2017

A series of Paris to Paris river cruises will set sail in 2017 as part of Avalon Waterways offerings taking cruisers from Paris to Normandy, and then back to Paris on a cruise for 8 luxurious days. The Paris to Normandy cruises allow travelers to marvel at France’s capital and many charming towns along the Seine, in the lush and beautiful Normandy region that houses Claude Monet’s gardens at Giverny and the magnificent Bizy Castle.

Explore the Picturesque Scenery of the Seine Paris to Normandy Cruises

Avalon Waterways’ 8-day Paris to Normandy cruises sail to Vernon, Les Andelys, Caudebec, Conflans, and of course the stunning beaches of Normandy. On these cruises that include land tours with local experts, residents of France and tourists from abroad can discover Château Baillard (built in 1196 by King Richard the Lionheart), Joan of Arc’s Rouen, Vincent van Gogh’s Auvers-sur-Oise, and Napoleon and Josephine’s opulent Châteaux de Malmaison. Before disembarking upon return to Paris, travelers have an opportunity to learn more about the City of Light’s Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, and other local monuments.

Paris to Normandy Cruise Itinerary

The following is a brief summary of what you can expect from Avalon Waterways Paris to Normandy cruise. Additional excursions are planned and optional adventure trips can be added to your cruise for more discovery in several cities.

Day 1 – Paris – Embarkation and onboard reception

Day 2 – Vernon-Les Andelys – Choice of excursions to Bizy Castle or Giverny

Day 3 – Caudebec – Choice of excursion along the “Normandy Abbeys Route” or “Normandy Villages Route”

Day 4 – Caudebec – Excursion to “A Taste of Normandy” or Normandy landing beaches

Day 5 – Rouen – Guided tour to sightsee and visit the Astronomical Clock and the cathedral

Day 6 – Conflans – Choice of excursion to visit Napoleon and Josephine’s Châteaux de Malmaison or Auvers-sur-Oise

Day 7 – Paris – Choice of “Heart of Paris” walk or guided sightseeing tour

Day 8 – Paris – Disembarkation and explore Paris on your own

To learn about the Avalon Waterways ship you’ll be sailing on for your Paris to Normandy 2017 cruise, and to find out about stateroom choices and meals, visit the Avalon Waterways website.

Paris to Normandy Cruises

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