The Best Cruise Destinations for Summer 2022

It’s not too long until the summer 2022 cruise season. Have you already picked out your dream vacation? Well, we won’t fault you if you haven’t. The world still feels pretty unstable at the moment, and the cruise industry continues to be in a state of flux. But there are lots of reasons why booking a cruise for this summer is a good idea. Many cruise lines over flexible cancellation policies and restrictions seem to be loosening overall. And who doesn’t want something fun to look forward to? To inspire the travel side of your brain, here are three picks for the best summer 2022 cruise destinations.

The Caribbean

You can’t make a list of great summer cruise spots without mentioning the Caribbean. It’s the quintessential summer voyage. American travelers in particular will find the Caribbean to be a perfect place to visit. You can get fun in the sun on beautiful beaches for a very low commitment in terms of time and money. Busy workers can visit the Caribbean and be back in the office on Monday or Tuesday. Those with more time can spend a week hopping between islands and really soaking up the vitamin D. And the best part? Pretty much every cruise line offers great Caribbean itineraries with all the excursion, food, and drink options you can imagine.


We always speak highly of Alaskan cruises, and there’s a good reason for that. Alaskan itineraries offer really unique adventures while still being affordable for the general cruising public. Alaska is also big enough that nearly every traveler can find something that will appeal to them. If you’re into nature, you’re in luck in the Last Frontier. If you enjoy relaxing in civilization, the state has lots of cute towns to explore. Summer is also by far the best season to visit Alaska, and those who hate the heat will find an Alaskan cruise to be a nice respite. Just make sure to bring a bug net for your face. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

The Baltics

If you want to try out a cruise that’s a little different than the norm, you should definitely look into a Baltic voyage. While the Baltic states themselves (Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania) aren’t as popular as, say, the Bahamas, they have plenty to offer for the intrepid European tourist. Longer cruises visiting the Baltic region will also often stop by some of the more northern Nordic countries, giving you even more cultures and histories to interact with. Summer is also a beautiful time in this region, with moderate temperatures making the adventure really enjoyable.

Cruises are an excellent way to explore the world, and there’s no better season to do it than the summer. So why not get started this year?

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