is the perfect place to get the lowdown on the basics of taking a boat cruise and an easy way to locate boat cruises in your hometown or region. is organized by six topic areas on one easy menu. The topic areas include: Boat Cruise Activities, Boat Cruise, Boat Cruise Tips, Boat Cruise FAQs, Contact Information, and a Sitemap for your convenience.’s activities area lists a wide variety of cruise activities ranging from fitness-related activities and relaxation to dining and entertainment. Just a few activities listed at include: aerobic classes, swimming, yoga, spa treatments, theater, and live music. The Boat Cruise section is the most interactive area of the website.

The activities area features a map of all 52 states (and the Caribbean) along with a drop-down menu of states/provinces around the United States. This section also features a search for boat cruises around the globe from Afghanistan and Belgium to Turks and Caicos, and Zimbabwe. You can find a canoe trip in just about any area of the world using the search function – -and it’s easy. also offers up a significant number of Boat Cruise Tips. This section advises you on the planning process from beginning to end. The site offers information about documentation and other items, (passports, credit cards, plane tickets, medical records ), advise on what to pack, how much money to take, and what gadgets or electronics might come in handy depending on destination.

One of the most important sections of the website is the FAQs (frequently asked questions) area. If you don’t want to browse through the entire site to ask one question or you don’t want to pick up the phone and wait on hold for an agent to answer your one question, just browse through this area for some quick (and straightforward) Q&A. Chances are, you will find the answer to your question. Just a sampling of questions include:

Q: Why do I have to pay port charges?
A: Port charges are required as they cover taxes levied by the government, rent for using the port and for the port’s maintenance charges

Q: Which room should I book on a cruise?
A: Cruises have different rooms available that differ in price and location. A room with a balcony may cost higher than a room that is more on the inside with less connection with the cruise activities. If you prefer staying aloof and by yourself then an inside room with an oceanview makes perfect sense. If you prefer to spend more time outside your room than inside, you might be better off booking a room that is less expensive, since your only need for a room would be to sleep in it.

The contact area of contains a basic email form if you prefer to correspond with the folks behind via email, and it also lists a contact phone number and even a fax number. You won’t find a mailing address on the site, but the phone numbers are: Phone: 203.336.2284 and Fax: 203.384.6327. If you are a boat cruise company, you can also add your company to the website as well.

And finally, the sitemap area lists the main three topic areas of the website. Here you can access these areas quickly and easily. Happy Cruising!

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