Boob Cruise

If you’re looking for a type of cruise called a “boob cruise,” chances are you won’t find it – especially not on any of the world’s top-rated and most well-respected cruise lines. What you will find, however, are a number of cruise lines that allow topless sunbathing and theme cruises that may highlight nudity. This doesn’t mean that you are free to gawk. Topless sunbathing on cruise ships is done in a tasteful and respectful manner and anyone violating any rules associated with topless sunbathing will be ejected from the ship at the nearest port of call.

In today’s cruise industry, which attracts millions on top of millions of passengers each year, anything goes when it comes to theme cruises. The Port of Los Angeles alone welcomes more than 2.2 million passengers each year, meaning that there are so many different types of people taking a cruise, cruise lines must be flexible in order to satisfy different tastes and budgets.

Cruise lines offer literally hundreds of theme cruises each year and in most cases, groups can even customize their own theme. Just a few of the different types of theme cruises include: Jazz cruises, fitness cruises, culinary cruises, singles cruises, wine tasting cruises, art cruises, family cruises, yoga cruises, dancing cruises, adventure cruises, and gay cruises – to name a few.

If you are looking for more than just a topless cruise line, many of the world’s smaller cruise lines are open to full blown nude cruises or at least partially nude cruises. If you’re looking for a trusted name in the nude cruise industry, try Bare Necessities ( Bare Necessities offers nude cruises to nudists and the curious alike and the vast majority of cruisers (a whopping 98%) are married. Also known for offering nude cruises and gay cruises is Windjammer Barefoot Cruises , a trusted name in the cruise industry overall. Windjammer Barefoot Cruises has a fleet of four tall ships that sail to exotic locales such as Aruba, Colon Panama, Tortola, Antigua, Herradura, and Grenada, to name a few.

Before we discuss the larger cruise lines and their topless sunbathing rules, here is a bit of information about nude cruises.

Nude Cruise Etiquette: If you are a first-timer on a nude cruise there are just a few simple rules to remember. It’s best not to take pictures or video due to privacy issues and concerns. In addition, the same respectful behavior that is exhibited as a fully clothed passenger is expected as a nude passenger. And of course gawking and staring is highly inappropriate. Nude cruise directors and staff will not tolerate such behavior. In fact, if a passenger exhibits any kind of inappropriate behavior, they may be removed from the vessel and banned from ever booking again.

What to Pack: Ship officials on nude cruises will keep the temperature on board nice and toasty for passengers, so all passengers need to bring is: lots of sunscreen, t-shirts, flip flops, shorts or whatever they may feel comfortable dining or lounging in if the urge to “dress” strikes.

Now, if you’re looking for larger cruise lines that allow topless sunbathing, look no further than Carnival Cruise Lines, which features “European Style Sunbathing Decks.” Other cruise lines that may allow topless sunbathing (in designated areas only) include: Celebrity Cruises, Royal Caribbean International, Norwegian Cruise Lines, and Regal Cruise Line.

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