Cameron Cruise, The Adult Film Star

There are so many Cameron Cruises out there, that it would be tough to locate and profile them all here. But there are a select few “Google-able” Cameron Cruises and they have some pretty impressive accomplishments in their own right. There’s Cameron Cruise — the Author of The Collector, there’s Cameron Cruise the adult film star, and then there’s “The Cameron Cruise Project,” a EFW wrestling tag team. Who knew?

In this article, you will learn all about Cameron Cruise, the adult film star. If this isn’t your thing, feel free to stop reading now. For the rest of you, we have put together a decent profile for the adult film star with a thousand different names, including “Cameron Cruise.”

Cameron Cruise was born Szilvia Loressi in Faszbereny, Hungary on August 26, 1975. The 5’5″ Cruise has brown hair and brown eyes and her measurements are 36B-26-35. Her aliases include: Cameron Cruz, Lisa, Liza, Szilvia Loressi, Monalisa, Mona, Mono Lisa, Shannon, and Sylvia. Cameron Cruise stars in adult films of all kinds ranging from soft-core porn and lesbian sex to hardcore heterosexual, and beyond. She has starred in approximately 40 “well-known” adult films beginning in 2001 all the way up to today, 2008, and she is one of the few adult film stars that have not undergone any type of cosmetic surgery, including breast enhancement surgery.

Below is a listing of Cameron Cruise films from 2001-2008, as listed by Again, if you are easily offended, please stop reading now.

1) The Office Girls 2 (2008) (V) (as Lisa)
2) Sex with Peaches (2007) (V) (as Lisa)
3) Unfaithful: Part II (2007) (V) (as Lisa)
4) … aka Unfaithful 2 (UK: DVD box title)
5) Tales of the Clit (2007) (V) (as Lisa)
6) Sex with Eve Angel (2007) (V) (as Lisa)
7) Do It Yourself (2007) (V) (as Cameron Cruz)
8) Inside Peaches (2007) (V) (as Lisa)
9) MILF Has a Body Good (2007) (V)
10) The Platinum Collection: UK vs Europe (2006) (V) (as Lisa)
11) Unfaithful (2006) (V) (as Lisa)
12) The Art of Kissing 2 (2006) (V) (as Lisa)
13) Pussies on View: Vol. 2 (2006) (V) (as Lisa)
14) Loaded: The Pissing & Fisting Adventure (2006) (V) (as Cameron Cruz)
15) Supreme Hardcore 3 (2006) (V) (as Lisa)
16) Xmas Event (2006) (V) (as Cameron Cruz)
17) … aka Xmas Event: 21 Sextury Video (International: English title: informal title)
18) The Office Girls (2005) (V) (as Lisa)
19) Pussies on View: Vol. 1 (2005) (V) (as Lisa)
20) The Art of Kissing (2005) (V) (as Lisa)
21) Pink Velvet 3: A Lesbian Odyssey (2005) (V) (as Lisa) …. Lisa
22) The Private Story of Nikky Blond (2005) (V)
23) Russian Institute: Lesson 4 (2005) (V)
24) Start Me Up (2004) (V)
25) Wicca (2004) (V)
26) Pink Velvet: The Innocence of Lesbian Love (2003) (V) (as Lisa) …. Lisa
27) … aka Pink Velvet (UK: short title)
28) Serial Fucker 4 (2003) (V)
29) Vom Aschenputtel zur Sexgöttin (2003) (V) (as Lisa)
30) Bombas (2003) (V)
31) Girl + Girl No. 1 (2003) (V)
32) “Jo’s Sexy College Diaries” (2003) TV series (as Lisa) …. Teacher
33) Leg Affair 1 (2003) (V)
34) Tight Bottoms (2003) (V)
35) Virtualia Episode Six: Lost in Sex (2002) (V)
36) 2 on 1 #12 (2002) (V)
37) Behind the Scenes of ‘Dripping Wet Sex’ (2002) (V)
38) Dripping Wet Sex 2 (2002) (V)
39) The Merger (2002) (V)
40) Always 18 3 (2001) (V)
41) … aka Always 18: The Story of Claudia (USA)
42) High Octane 3 (2001) (V)
43) Sandy Babe Abroad 2 (2001) (V) (as Lisa)

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