Cameron Cruise, The Author

There are so many Cameron Cruises out there, that it would be tough to locate and profile them all here. But there are a select few that are “Google-ableâ€? and they have some pretty impressive accomplishments in their own right. There’s Cameron Cruise the Author, there’s Cameron Cruise the adult film star, and then there’s “The Cameron Cruise Projectâ€? – a EFW wrestling tag team — champions we’re told. Who knew? In this article, you’ll learn all about Cameron Cruise, The Author. Sorry guys – you’ll have to check out the “otherâ€? Cameron Cruise in a separate article – we don’t want to offend Cameron Cruises’s paranormal fans.

Cameron Cruise, the Suspense-Romance-Thriller writer, is the Author of The Collector, published by Harlequin. In Cameron Cruises’s own words (from the novel blog “Running With Quillsâ€?), The Collector is about “a serial killer targeting psychics in Little Saigon, a Vietnamese community in Orange County. Who knew there was more to the “OC” than a bunch of bored, rich kids, right? The collection in the book is actually haunted artifacts, pieces that can possess those who try to manipulate their power. Like the Hope Diamond, the artifacts are cursed — and so is the collector who brings them together.â€?

Here is an excerpt from The Collector:

She lies in a pool of her own blood. More blood decorates one wall in macabre finger paintings. The victim is a fortuneteller from the Little Saigon community of Westminster, California—a seemingly random murder. Detective Seven Bushard wonders cynically if she saw it coming.

When local artist Gia Moon shows up at the precinct claiming to have had visions of another murder yet to happen, Seven doesn’t buy it. Some say Gia’s paintings give a glimpse into the next world, but all Seven knows is cold, hard evidence. But when her prediction comes true, his investigation becomes a hunt for a serial killer.

But Gia is not all that she seems. A link to her past points to a lunatic whose desire to complete a bizarre collection has become an obsession. Now, Seven is locked in a game of greed and murder with a woman he can’t entirely trust, and a killer who will silence anyone who gets in the way.

According to, Cameron Cruise has worked with some of the most brilliant legal minds in the United States at the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. She is a lawyer turned writer who has lived throughout the world, and has a special interest in the paranormal traditions of different cultures. Cameron Cruise speaks five languages, and she currently lives at the beach with three Rhodesian Ridgebacks and a Beagle.

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