Carnival Announces Another New Ship!

Just a short while ago, we reported on a brand new ship called the Radiance for Carnival Cruises that would be in their Galveston port, which you can read about over here. As big as this news was, it appears that Carnival has no plans on slowing down the development of their cruise line. A ceremony to commemorate a new ship called the Carnival Panorama was held in Italy, and Carnival has begun to release all the details we need to know about the ship. While it’ll be a short bit until anyone can take a trip on it (the ship is currently on a passenger-less voyage across the Atlantic to allow the crew to get accustomed to it), read ahead to see what you can expect out of the newest vessel!


For those familiar with Carnival, Panorama’s design won’t be much of a surprise. It shares a design with previous ships Vista and Horizon, meaning it’s a Vista-class cruise ship weighing 133,500 gross tons and measuring 323 meters. The ship can hold over 6000 people across over 2700 cabins (though a few hundred of those are for the crew). It boasts 15 decks, all with different purposes and activities, and has rooms ranging from modest inner cabins to family suites to beautiful, ocean view staterooms.


If you’re guessing that the size of the Panorama pretty much guarantees a massive array of activities to choose from, you would be correct. One of the most exciting offerings aboard the ship is a Sky Zone trampoline park. If you’ve never been to one, we would suggest going to one immediately, as it’s ridiculously fun for all ages. The Sky Zone will feature the expected: endless trampoline, dodgeball, basketball and glow-in-the-dark parties. Beyond this, the Panorama offers theatrical performances, a water park, an adults-only area, a spa, and a whole lot more. The best part of it all? A huge amount of the activities on the ship are included in your trip price! You may have to shell out a bit extra for some on-board dining experiences, however.


There are currently five different trips available on the Panorama via Carnival’s website, with all being round trips from Long Beach, California. The shortest is a quick three day jaunt to Ensenada. Next up is a six day trip to Ensenada that includes a two-day stop in Cabo San Lucas. There are two different seven day trips being offered, both heading to Cabo followed by Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta, though one cruise is accompanied by Carnival ambassador John Heald and promises special events and prizes (the price tag is a big heftier for that one). Finally, there’s an eight day trip with the same stops as the seven days, though who wouldn’t want an extra day in one of three different paradises?

If any of this interests you, the Carnival Panorama will be heading out on its first voyages starting December 14 of this year (early Christmas present, anyone?), with trips available for booking right now.

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