Carnival Announces New Fly2Fun Flight Package

Good news for those that like to have all their travel plans figured out for them: Carnival has announced a brand-new program that helps you figure out your flights. If you’re not familiar with cruise line flight packages, you can go check out article on them here, but here’s the quickest run-down we can give you. Some cruise lines will offer a package that includes a flight to the ship itself as part of your initial fee, meaning you don’t have to worry about figuring out tickets, layovers and what-have-you. This is great, usually, but there can be some downsides, like less customization and missing out on some deals.

Aside from those cons, though, the pros are quite nice. And for those of us who are all about these flight packages, Carnival’s new program is for you. It’s called Fly2Fun, and it’s run directly through their website, It works like this: you go to book a cruise, and you’re then given the option of choosing from Flexible or Restricted Air. You then get to check out different choices of airline, times and dates. Flexible Air is a bit more, uh, flexible, as it lets you make alterations to your flight plans within 2 months of the take-off date. So, if you’re someone who often has work meetings popping up, or if you just often change your mind, this is probably the option for you.

One of the main benefits of a cruise flight package is the assurance it gives you in the case of things having to be switched around, and Fly2Fun is no different in this regard. If your flight is delayed or disrupted in any way, Carnival guarantees that they will meet up with you at the next port that you can get to and will pick you up from there. They’ll even help make sure you get there, which is pretty cool.

In a statement, their Director of Travel Operations, Vicky Blanch, said that “at Carnival, we strive to make working with us as seamless as possible – from the time you book until you’re on your way home – our professional travel specialists are able to secure alternative travel arrangements in the event of airline schedule and cruise itinerary changes, providing our guests with peace of mind.” This is one major advantage against booking your own airfare, as you always run the risk of getting a delayed flight and missing out on your vacation.

The whole thing is definitely a god-send for some travelers, and it’s been a long time coming for a company as big as Carnival. We generally associate flight packages more with luxury lines, and it’s very exciting to see more family-friendly companies start to focus on them! We’re hoping that next is a Carnival partnership with a helicopter company that will airdrop you straight onto the ship’s deck. You know, ‘cuz why not.

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