Carnival Announces New Ship for Galveston Port

Texans with dreams of hitting the sea, pay close attention: Carnival Cruises has announced that it will be adding a new ship to their Galveston port! For those not in the know (which if you’re here, you probably are, so feel free to skip ahead), Carnival is the biggest cruise line in the world by pretty much every metric, including fleet size and number of passengers. While this may make this new ship seem insignificant, it will be a big deal for those living near Texas, or anyone who wants to sail out from there, as there are currently only three ships in Galveston. Read on to hear all that we currently know about the new ship!

Carnival Radiance

The new ship is going to be called the Carnival Radiance, another in a long line of excitingly named vessels. Physically, the ship is going to be a remodeled version of the existing Victory, which has been sailing since the late 90s. Put aside any worries that the ship will be more of the same, however, as a $200,000,000 makeover is planned that is sure to offer a completely new and revamped experience. Case in point: there will be a Big Chicken restaurant on board, which is indeed Shaquille O’Neal’s own fried chicken restaurant. Sounds like a recipe for success to us….

What about itineraries?

Despite being newly announced, the itineraries are available to see and book now. From Galveston, there are a total of ten different trips to choose from, ranging from a quick jaunt of four days to a full two week excursion. The four day trip will take you to Cozumel and back, with the five day option offering a stop in either Yucatan or Costa Maya on the way to Cozumel. A nine day trip has options for either three, four or five stops, with the fourteen day trip offering either seven or eight stops. The full information on destinations, as well as relevant booking information, can be seen over here on Carnival’s website, with the option to book now for those who are interested!

Of course, it should be noted that we should curb our excitement for a little bit, as the Radiance isn’t planned to set sail until 2020. If you can somehow pass up the opportunity of eating fried chicken with the seal of approval from Shaq himself, there are plenty of options currently available for a trip on the Carnival Vista or Carnival Dream, both also sailing out of Galveston. Finally, the Carnival Breeze will be heading to Galveston from Port Canaveral, so keep an eye out for that in the future as well.

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