Carnival Cruise Deals: Cheap Cruises, Discounted Cruises, and All the Cruise Deals In Between

Carnival Cruise Line is the most popular cruise line in the world (or so Carnival’s registered trademark asserts: “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line”), and it is owned by the largest cruise ship operator in the world, Carnival Corporation, which owns ten cruise lines in addition to Carnival Cruise Line.

With a vast fleet of 23 cruise ships (labeled “Fun Ships” by the company) that travel all over the world, Carnival Cruise Line offers scores of voyages every year. Given the vastness of its operation, it should come as no surprise that they offer all sorts of Carnival cruise deals. Carnival offers tons of cheap cruises – or, in any event, they offer a lot of discount cruises (“cheap” is relative term) – leaving future passengers with an abundance of cruise deals to pick from.

How do you go about finding a Carnival cruise deal? There are two main ways, one direct, the other more circuitous. The direct way involves booking your cruise through the Carnival Cruise Line website. If you point your browser toward Carnival’s homepage, you’ll see a tab at the top, near the right side of the screen, that says “Special Offers.” You will also see a box in the middle of the page on the left side that says “Special Offers.” Click on either of these and you’ll be brought to the same discount cruise page. On this page, you’ll see a list of “Quick Getaways” that offer some great cruise deals. The trips are short, ranging from two to five days longs, but they are also very cheap. A four-day trip to the Bahamas, for example, costs about $200, and even the most expensive of the “Quick Getaways” cost only slightly more than $300. (These are per-person rates, for the record, but still.)

There are also some “Early Saver Offers” offered through Carnival’s website. As long as you’re willing to book your cruise relatively far in advance (which is, by the way, one of our tips for how to find a cheap cruise), you can capitalize on some great offers, like a three-day trip to the Bahamas that leaves on September 15, 2011. The price? $179.

Great deals can also be found under the “Pack and Go” tab, which is located on Carnival’s specials page. These are last-minute cruise deals, offered so that Carnival can sail as full of a ship as possible. As long as you can more or less “pack and go,” last-minute cruise deals are great options for those who want to sail cheaply.

Finally, if you’ve been on a Carnival cruise before, you may be eligible for “Past Guest Offers.” The Carnival website asks you for a “Past Guest number,” and once you have supplied this information, you’ll have access to additional cruise deals.

Carnival cruise deals can also be found on websites that offer discounted cruises. There are many sites like this (e.g.,,, etc.), and most of the major ones allow you to search for cruises offered by specific cruise lines. So, you can obtain a deal on a Carnival cruise without every visiting the Carnival website. However, if you are interested in checking out some of Carnival’s discounted cruises, the Carnival specials page is never a bad place to start:

Carnival Cruise Deals

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