Carnival Cruise: What is the Carnival Cruise Line, and What Are Some Carnival Cruises?

The Carnival Cruise Line is the world’s most popular cruise line, at least according to the Carnival Cruise website, and we’re inclined to believe them, considering they have a registered trademark for the phrase “The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line.” If Carnival Cruise was somehow displaced from this venerated spot, an interesting legal battle may ensue, but that’s a different issue for a different day.

Back to the basics: Carnival Cruise Lines is a British-owned cruise line that has 22 vessels – or “Fun Ships,” as they’re known – that are presently operating. These 22 Fun Ships take passengers on voyages that last three to 16 days. Carnival takes passengers to many different parts of the world, routinely scheduling voyages to the Caribbean, Bermuda, Mexican Riviera, the Bahamas, Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, New England, and Europe.

Carnival Cruise Lines is a actually a member of larger alliance known as the World’s Leading Cruise Lines, which includes the Holland America Line, Seabourn Cruise Line, Princess Cruises, Cunard Line and Costa Cruises. Carnival Cruise Lines, however, has the largest fleet.

Carnival Cruises are known for the amount of entertainment they offer their passengers, as well as their flashy onboard décor. We suppose that’s why Carnival Cruise Line uses Fun Ships.

Originally, Carnival Cruise Line was know for their smaller ships (they were also known to offer cheap cruises), but their current fleet boasts some large vessels. For example, the Carnival Dream is an enormous 128,000 gross ton ship that is currently offering Caribbean voyages. Moreover, a sister ship known as the Carnival Magic is planned to debut in the next few months, so Carnival clearly has some hefty ships.

Given the vastness of the Carnival Cruise Line, it’s relatively easy to find the appropriate cruise for you. The price of a Carnival Cruise ranges widely, and there are often special cruise deals for the frugally minded. Also, the destinations to which Carnival Cruises sail are extremely varied; one need only compare the Alaskan cruises to the Caribbean cruises to see this. Finally, Carnival offers many different types of cruises, ranging from family-oriented trips to romantic getaways.

If you’re interested in learning more information and want to explore different cruises, visit the Carnival Cruise Line website.

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