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These Are the Most Popular Cruise Destinations in the World

As cruising becomes more well-known worldwide, the most popular cruise destinations are only getting more in demand. This brings up a natural question: what are the most popular destinations, anyway? Some travelers might want to know the answer to this so that they can join the crowds and bask in a feeling of mutual appreciation for the beauty of cruising. Others might need to know what the most popular destinations are so they can avoid them on their quest for solitude. No matter which category you fall into, this quick breakdown of cruise locations should help out. Read more [...]

Cruise Through a Fjord in These Unbelievable Destinations

Fjords are rare and gorgeous sights to behold. Carved by ancient glaciers, they're perfect bodies of water for cruises. If you've never sailed through (or even seen) a fjord before, doing so should be high on your bucket list. Fjords suggest the quiet and indescribable power of the elements, and their beauty is impressive to even the most seasoned travelers. But if you aren't familiar with them, you might be wondering where the best cruise locations for fjords are. Read more [...]

A Look at Major Marine Cruises’ Alaskan Spring Wildlife Cruise

Alaska is a world class cruise destination. The state is lined with towering mountains, glowing glaciers, and vibrant forests, all of which can be seen from a ship's deck. But you don't need to cruise to Alaska to get this experience. There are also many companies that allow visitors to the state to charter smaller boats for cruises that only last a day - or even half of a day. Read more [...]

The Best Cruise Destinations for Summer 2022

It's not too long until the summer 2022 cruise season. Have you already picked out your dream vacation? Well, we won't fault you if you haven't. The world still feels pretty unstable at the moment, and the cruise industry continues to be in a state of flux. But there are lots of reasons why booking a cruise for this summer is a good idea. Many cruise lines over flexible cancellation policies and restrictions seem to be loosening overall. And who doesn't want something fun to look forward to? To inspire the travel side of your brain, here are three picks for the best summer 2022 cruise destinations. Read more [...]

The Best Spots for Whale Watching Cruises

Whale watching cruises are among the coolest things you can do. It's a truly unique experience. Read more [...]

Three Amazing Alaskan Cruise Ports

Alaska is one of the most exciting cruise destinations. On top of that, there are multiple ports in the state that each have their own unique flavors. Read more [...]
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