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Are Cruise Shore Excursions Worth It?

Shore excursions are a subject of debate among cruise travelers. Are they worth it? Can you have similar experiences without paying extra money? These are the questions that many find themselves asking before paying for shore excursions. On the surface, it may seem like one extra cost that you don't want to worry about. However, there are some good reasons as to why you might want to invest in them. Read more [...]

Why Cruise Vacations Make Excellent Gifts

Choosing the perfect present for a loved one is hard. But cruises actually make excellent gifts. There's nothing more rewarding than giving someone an experience rather than an object, and it's even more fun when you can join them! Cruises let you and someone close to you explore the world together and make lasting memories. But there are even more reasons why cruise vacations should be high on your gift ideas list. Read more [...]

The Most Affordable Cruise Destinations

Traveling via cruise ship is actually one of the most affordable ways of seeing the world. Visiting a location on a cruise ship can often be cheaper than getting there by any other means, and ships also take care of your food and lodging. The price of your vacation, though, ultimately depends on where you want to go. There are some cruise destinations out there that are incredibly affordable. Read more [...]

The Best Cruise Destinations for Surfers

Cruises are a great way to access some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Many of these beaches are perfect for surfers! While most cruise travelers are just there for some relaxation in the sun, there's nothing wrong with wanting to hop on a surfboard and catch some waves. Many cruise lines travel to beaches that are absolutely perfect for surfing. Surfers should choose their destinations wisely, though, as not every itinerary heads to areas known for impressive swell. Read more [...]

How to Prevent Sunburns on a Cruise

There are few things more fun than relaxing in the sun on a cruise. The only problem: those terrible sunburns. Most people who have gone on a cruise have experienced the pain of a nasty sunburn from the rays of the southern sun. Luckily, it's not actually that hard to avoid getting burned - and no, the solution isn't to just sit in your cabin all day. You can still enjoy the beaches and the water while keeping your skin healthy. Read more [...]

These Are the Best Winter Cruise Destinations

What are the best winter cruise destinations? That's a question that many start asking themselves once December rolls around. Winter is actually one of the best seasons to go on a cruise: it coincides with the holidays, many travelers have time off from work, and most importantly, it's great to get away from the dreary cold weather. There are many places around the world that are great to visit on a cruise ship between December and March. Here are three of our favorites. Read more [...]
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