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What to Consider When Picking an Affordable Cruise

Much like shopping around for well-priced flights, picking an affordable cruise is an art. It requires proper technique to pull off successfully. Luckily, however, it's a skill that can be easily learned. But you should note that picking an affordable cruise requires more than just going to a cruise website and just sorting by price. Although that will help you find the cheapest options, you still need to consider your travel style, your goals, and what kind of cruise experience you really want. Someone who is great at finding affordable cruises will also be great at finding the right affordable cruise. Read more [...]

Check Out Holland America’s Celebration Sale

Holland America has something they'd like to celebrate! Their Celebration Sale offers up to 50% off of select cruises. According to the cruise line, the sale is a way of acknowledging the fact that their entire fleet is back in service after a hiatus due to the pandemic. "Having our full fleet of 11 ships back in services after more than two years on pause is cause for celebration, and the promotion is our way of thanking guests for their loyalty and choosing to cruise with Holland America Line," said the cruise line's COO Beth Bodensteiner. Read more [...]

Why Cruise Vacations Make Excellent Gifts

Choosing the perfect present for a loved one is hard. But cruises actually make excellent gifts. There's nothing more rewarding than giving someone an experience rather than an object, and it's even more fun when you can join them! Cruises let you and someone close to you explore the world together and make lasting memories. But there are even more reasons why cruise vacations should be high on your gift ideas list. Read more [...]

The Most Affordable Cruise Destinations

Traveling via cruise ship is actually one of the most affordable ways of seeing the world. Visiting a location on a cruise ship can often be cheaper than getting there by any other means, and ships also take care of your food and lodging. The price of your vacation, though, ultimately depends on where you want to go. There are some cruise destinations out there that are incredibly affordable. Read more [...]

The Joy of Taking a Cruise to Nowhere

What is a cruise to nowhere? There are actually itineraries - both long and short - that don't stop anywhere. Read more [...]

Why Cruises Are Perfect for Senior Travelers

You can enjoy a cruise at any age. However, they are particularly loved by senior travelers. Read more [...]