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Cruises Make Getting There Half the Fun

Air travel can be a very expensive and less than rewarding experience for many travelers. As a result, those who have the luxury of time when travelling are more often booking a cruise to travel to their destination rather than being cramped in an airplane after hours of waiting in an airport. And some of the other benefits of travelling by ship will surprise even the thriftiest of travelers. Comparing Costs With the ever increasing cost of airfare, travel via a cruise ship is becoming a more Read more [...]
Cruise Deals at Costco

Cruise Deals at Costco You Can Book This Winter

Costco sells food, clothes, shoes, office supplies, batteries, books, and even tires. So, why wouldn’t the company sell cruises? Costco, in fact, has some amazing travel and cruise deals that can get you on a ship to somewhere spectacular for an astoundingly cheap price. Read more [...]

Booking Priceline Cruises: Is it Worth It?

There are many ways to find discounted cruises, including consulting with travel agencies, checking automobile associations, and scouring specials on booking websites. One booking site in particular offer amazing deals if travelers agree to certain restrictions (which is often necessary anyway for the lowest passage) and if they wait until the last minute to book (not literally, but pretty last-minute for travel). That booking website is Priceline and it’s offering some outstanding opportunities to cruise for the lowest prices anywhere – guaranteed! Read more [...]
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Costco Cruises from Los Angeles

Along with Miami, New York, and Seatle, Los Angeles is one of Costco's "homeports." This means that there are not only lots of Costco cruises from Los Angeles, but also a number of "featured deals," which are specially discounted cruises offered by Costco. Below is a guide to the Costco cruises from Los Angeles that explains what is available and guides you through the booking process. Read more [...]
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Costco Cruises from Seattle

Seattle is one of Costco's "homeports," and while the city is not in the same league as two of Costco's other homeports, New York or Miami (in terms of cruise offerings), there are still plenty of Costco cruises from Seattle. Because of its status as a Costco homeport, Seattle is a beneficiary of the long reach of Costco Travel's promotional efforts. Cruises from Seattle are featured prominently on the Costco Travel website, and there are also a number of featured deals for Seattle cruises. Below is a guide to Costco's cruises from Seattle, which covers both what is available and how you can book a cruise via Costco Travel. Read more [...]
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Costco Cruises from New York

There are lots of Costco cruises from New York, and this is the case simply because New York is a major cruise port. However, Costco and New York are connected by more than the fact that the former offers a number of cruises out of the latter. Along with three other major U.S. ports, New York is one of Costco's "homeports," which means that cruises from NYC are emphasized on the Costco Travel website, and also that there are always several "featured deals" for Costco cruises that depart from New York. Essentially, there is an abundance of Costco cruises from New York, and a number of these are specially discounted through Costco's featured deals. Below we guide you through the process of finding and booking a Costco cruise from New York that is right for you. Read more [...]