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The Most Affordable (and Coolest) African Cruise Itineraries

African cruises are some of the best itineraries out there. Cruising is an excellent way to explore the continent. Read more [...]

Three New Cruise Lines That You Should Be Excited About

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How Major Cruise Lines Are Ensuring Safety for Their Guests

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Three Underrated Cruise Lines

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Princess Cruises Lends a Hand in Cyprus

Here's a cruise news story that might brighten your day. Princess Cruises has given aid to Cyprus in light of their recent wildfire. Read more [...]

The New Regent World Cruise for 2024

If you've been waiting for a sign to drop everything and go on a cruise around the world, here it is. Regent has just announced its 2024 world cruise, and it is definitely one that is hard to pass up. Read more [...]