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After a Long Hiatus, the Cruise Industry is Returning to Antarctica

The COVID pandemic made the entire cruise industry go on pause. Once cruises began to return, certain destinations still lagged behind. Read more [...]

Will the New COVID Variant, Omicron, Affect the Cruise Industry?

Another day, another new COVID variant, it seems. The question is: what kind of impact will the Omicron variant have on cruises? Read more [...]

The Benefits of Joining a Cruise Loyalty Program

Cruise loyalty programs are, for the most part, underrated. If you cruise a lot, you can rack up some serious benefits from these programs. Read more [...]

Carnival Cruises Moves Forward with New Ships

Carnival is building up forward momentum despite the industry's uncertain state. They have multiple new ships on the horizon. Read more [...]

The Most Expensive Cruise Lines

What are the most expensive cruise lines? And how much do they cost? For most of us, that's just a question that we ask out of pure curiosity. It's fun to wonder about the craziest and most luxurious options in the industry. But for some travelers, these cruise lines are a way of life. If you're able to afford a trip with any of these companies, you can trust that it's worth it. And if you're someone more interested in finding deals, feel free to read our article on the most affordable cruise lines Read more [...]

New CEO for Royal Caribbean

Some very big news from Royal Caribbean was announced on November 9th. Their current CEO, Richard Fain, is stepping down from his role. Read more [...]