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The Best Cruises for Kids

The Best Cruises for Kids in 2023

Here is our unbiased round-up of the best cruises for kids in 2023. Cruising with kids can be a fun and exciting way to introduce your children to new places while keeping them entertained. There are so many options for cruising with kids that it can actually be daunting to find the right child-friendly cruises for your family, so here are some of the best cruises for kids in 2023. Read more [...]
Great Disney cruises for 2023

Here are Some Great Disney Cruises for 2023

Disney cruises are so much fun, and so well done! Are you ready to experience the magic of a Disney cruise on the high seas? Look no further than a Disney Cruise in 2023! With new attractions and experiences, there's never been a better time to set sail with Mickey and his pals. These Disney cruises have something for everyone in the family! Read more [...]
Cruises of Ireland and Scotland

Cruises of Ireland and Scotland

We can't think of a more fitting discussion as St. Patrick's day is upon us than one about cruising along the Irish and Scottish coastlines. Cruises of Ireland and Scotland's coasts offer a gorgeous journey along the breathtaking coastlines of Ireland and Scotland, as you explore the rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant cultures of these two remarkable countries. Cruises of Ireland and Scotland offer travelers an extraordinary opportunity to witness the serene beauty of the Atlantic Ocean Read more [...]
celebrity cruises for extra fun mingle with celebrities

Try Cruises that Feature Celebrities for Extra Glitter!

Celebrity cruises, meaning cruises that feature celebrities with whom you can mingle (not the Celebrity Cruise line, although they certainly offer that) can be a really fun way to elevate your cruise experience. Cruises that feature celebrities are a fun way for people to mix leisure with a touch of stardom. These types of cruises offer a unique experience for fans who want to interact with their favorite stars and get a glimpse of the celebrity lifestyle. From music icons to reality TV stars, these cruises attract a wide range of fans from all over the world. Here are a few fan favorites. Read more [...]

What to Consider When Picking an Affordable Cruise

Much like shopping around for well-priced flights, picking an affordable cruise is an art. It requires proper technique to pull off successfully. Luckily, however, it's a skill that can be easily learned. But you should note that picking an affordable cruise requires more than just going to a cruise website and just sorting by price. Although that will help you find the cheapest options, you still need to consider your travel style, your goals, and what kind of cruise experience you really want. Someone who is great at finding affordable cruises will also be great at finding the right affordable cruise. Read more [...]
Sailing Safely in 2023: Assessing Cruise Risks, from COVID to Piracy

Check Out Holland America’s Celebration Sale

Holland America has something they'd like to celebrate! Their Celebration Sale offers up to 50% off of select cruises. According to the cruise line, the sale is a way of acknowledging the fact that their entire fleet is back in service after a hiatus due to the pandemic. "Having our full fleet of 11 ships back in services after more than two years on pause is cause for celebration, and the promotion is our way of thanking guests for their loyalty and choosing to cruise with Holland America Line," said the cruise line's COO Beth Bodensteiner. Read more [...]
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