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More Big Changes for Carnival Corporation’s Fleet

It seems that we shouldn't expect the changes to the Carnival fleet to slow down any time soon. Read more [...]

Major Changes Planned for Carnival Corporation’s Fleet

Carnival Corporation is planning on making some serious changes to its fleet, according to the company itself. Read more [...]

More and More Cruise Cancellations and Delays

Let's take a look at some specific cruise lines and their most recent cancellations. Read more [...]

Behind The Scenes News from Inside the Cruise Industry

From new executives in major companies to major layoffs, there's plenty to catch up on. Read more [...]

Furloughs and Lay-offs in the Cruise Industry

While a lot of cruise lines have been able to avoid making drastic changes to their employment until now, it seems that the time has come for furloughs and lay-offs. Read more [...]

Carnival Bookings Massively Up for August

Current August bookings for Carnival are up by 600% compared to normal. Read more [...]