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The Best Cruise Italy Has To Offer

For many travel enthusiasts seeing Rome is an adventure that cannot be topped. But that opinion is certain to change when word gets out about the Celebrity Edge cruise of the Amalfi Coast and the Greek Isles. Read more [...]
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7 Spectacular 7-Night Cruises to Take in 2017

We’re excited about the scores of amazing cruises that we’ve already seen in 2017, from Galapagos excursions to Barcelona dream trips. It seems like there are at least a dozen voyages that we’ve marked on our “must check out” list, and some of our favorites are week-long excursions to fantastic destinations that we’ve been wanting to visit. To give you an idea of the cruises we’re eyeing for upcoming trips, we’ve rounded up some extraordinary journeys we’ve spotted that offer 7 nights of sightseeing on ships that are absolutely phenomenal. Read more [...]
New Life Mayan Cruise

New Life Mayan Cruise

Want to sail away to the land of Maya? There are many ships that will take you there. But, none of them offer a voyage to the Mayan Riviera like you’ll take on a New Life Cruise. A New Life Cruise to the Yucatan and Mayan Riviera is an experience unlike any you’ve likely had before. It’s a journey of the heart, mind, and body that’s filled with stunning land and scenescapes, and adventures both on and off ship. A New Life Cruise is part cruise and part holistic expo at sea. It’s a cruise where the activities you’d expect from a Mayan cruise (seeing ruins and snorkeling in the crystal blue Caribbean sea) are combined with spiritual happenings with shamans and healers. Read more [...]

The Top Three Cruise Ships

Everyone wants to know about "the top X," where "X" can refer to just about anything. We are ceaselessly searching for the top restaurants, the top hotels, the top movies, the top books, and so on. This perhaps explains our infatuation with lists that rank the relative greatness of different things. Presumably, this fixation applies to cruise ships as well, so we've compiled a list of the top three cruise ships. (We seem similarly preoccupied with finding the "biggest X," and hence our article about the world's largest cruise ship.) Read more [...]

The Best New Cruise Ship

Every year, new cruise ships take their inaugural voyage, and there is always a lot of discussion about these new ships as passengers experience them for the first time. This got us thinking: what is the best new cruise ship? As is always the case when you try to determine the best of anything, judgements will differ. The best cruise ship to one passenger will not necessarily be the best cruise ship to another passenger. Even so, we can't resist a good "best of" article, and although people will inevitably disagree with our selection (which is itself based on what other people regard as the best cruise ship - more on this in a second), we're still confident that whatever ship we pick will be a topnotch cruise ship. Read more [...]

The Cruise Ships of Celebrity Cruises

Like other major cruise lines, Celebrity Cruises maintains a fleet of ships that travel all over the world. In a previous article about Celebrity Cruises, we covered some of the general features of all Celebrity Cruises, like the activities and amenities featured on-board. In the present article, we focus on the vessels that compose the Celebrity Cruise fleet. Read more [...]