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A Guide to Costa Diadema

Costa Diadema is the largest Italian cruise liner, offering one of the most innovative, comprehensive, and surprising cruise experiences that you could have on any European cruise. Costa Diadema is the Costa Cruises’ flagship, a Dream-class ocean liner providing excitement around every turn. The ship’s name is Italian for “tiara”, and it certainly features the luxuries that you’d expect on an enchanting vacation through ports like Rome, Florence, and Palma de Mallorca. Read more [...]

Vegan Costa Menus – Cruise Line for Animal Free and Healthy Options

Vegans now have plenty of options for meals, snacks, and desserts on Costa Cruise ships. Chefs onboard the ocean liners have created all-new vegan Costa menus to give passengers ethical and healthy choices for food throughout their cruise, no matter what time of day or night they choose to dine. Read more [...]

Costa neoRiviera

You can experience a new way of traveling when you take a Costa neoRiviera cruise. Costa neoRiviera is a ship that escorts travelers to more intimate locals than the average ocean liner. She’s able to do this because she’s smaller than your average ship, which means she can get into tighter areas. But, small doesn’t mean lacking in services. Costa neoRiviera is a luxury vessel that offers some of the most memorable vacations one can have. Read more [...]
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Can an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle and Cruising Mix? Find out About Green Cruising

Cruising is not exactly the most eco-friendly way of traveling. So, what do you do if you like to live a sustainable lifestyle but also love cruises? You do your best to live as earth friendly as possible in your day-to-day life, and then you book a cruise on one of the cruise lines we’re going to tell you about. There are a handful of cruise lines that try their best to show travelers the world, while also being easy on her. Let’s dive right into to some of the greener cruise lines and the ways that they go easy on Mother Earth. Read more [...]
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Costa Concordia Saga Ends with Docking in Genoa

The Costco Concordia has completed its last voyage. After two years of laborious and highly technical work, the Costco Concordia salvage operation finally reached its end when the ship was pulled into the port of Genoa yesterday morning. The once-elegant cruise ship, which had 13 decks and could accommodate 3,780 passengers, will be scrapped. The memory of the disaster and its long aftermath will start to fade as the ship disappears piece by piece. Read more [...]

Costa Cruises (Costa Crociere): An Overview

Costa Cruises, or Costa Crociere in Italian (it's based in Genoa, Italy), is not a cruise line that has escaped our attention. We've written about the Costa cruise line several times in the past, both explaining general features of the cruise line and covering the headline-making incidents its cruise ships have been involved with recently. The latter have dominated most conversations about Costa Cruises over the last year or so, so we thought we should look at the basic facts of company, explaining again the cruise line behind the unfortunate recent incidents. Read more [...]