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cruises for football fans

Cruises for Football Fans

Fall is an amazing time to cruise. In many parts of the world, the scenery takes on a magic that only this season can bring. The holidays are in full swing during Fall too, which means activities on a cruise ship during this time of year are often grander than ever. But, football also takes place during Fall. What are you to do if you’re a football fan and avid cruiser? What do you do about your weekly NFL games? You still enjoy this important part of your life, while soaking up the merriment of a Fall cruise, if you sail with one of the cruises for football fans we'll tell you about. Read more [...]

Disney Cruises: A Close Look at Disney Cruise Line

Disney cruises are obviously cruises offered by Disney Cruise Line. While we have written about this cruise line before, covering the Disney cruise ships and Disney cruise line specials, we haven't discussed the actual Disney cruises you can take in great depth. Since Disney "only" operates four ships, it is actually manageable to examine all the Disney cruises, at least in broad outline, and that is precisely what we do below. What Disney cruises can you take? Read more [...]

Disney Cruise Dream

"Disney Cruise Dream" could refer to one of two things, and it depends on the phrase's grammatical context. If one is speaking of a Disney cruise dream (note the lowercase letters), he or she is referring to a dream that involves a Disney cruise. We imagine that lots of people dream of Disney cruises, especially small children gearing up for their first cruise adventure. More likely, though, people are curious about the Disney Dream, one of the big new cruise ships of the Disney Cruise Line. For Read more [...]

Disney Cruises from Galveston, Texas

The first Disney cruise ship sailed from Galveston, Texas in September of 2012. The last one sails barely over two years later, in January 2014. So, if you have any interest in taking a Disney cruise from Galveston, you better book one in the next few months, or if you arrive at this article after January 2014, you'll have to look for one departing from Florida, which is where all Disney cruises will be departing from shortly. If you happen to fall into the after-January-2014 category but still want to take a Disney cruise from Galveston, sorry to be the bearers of bad news - the advertisers of the impossible, if you will. However, you can read below about the Galveston Disney cruises that once were (and presently are), and you will also discover what has replaced them. You can of course still take a Disney cruise, just not from Galveston. Read more [...]

How to Find Disney Cruise Line Specials

When financially conscious people are considering taking a cruise with the Disney Cruise Line, one of their first thoughts is, "what is the lowest possible price I can pay for this cruise?" In other words, they are looking for Disney Cruise Line specials, the subject of a recent investigation of ours. In this previous article, we explained what a Disney Cruise Line special is by exploring a few different deals the company offers. However, we did not cover exactly how you might go about securing one of these deals. The present article fills this hole, explaining how to find Disney Cruise Line specials. Read more [...]

Disney Cruise Line Specials

Magical Cruise Company Limited, more commonly known as Disney Cruise Line, is a family-oriented cruise line owned by, as one would suspect, The Walt Disney Company. The world's largest (in terms of revenue) media conglomerate decided, for whatever reason, to start operating a cruise line to go along with the vast amount of entertainment and other services it already provided. And since they operate a cruise line, it is only natural for people to be interested in Disney Cruise Specials; that is, the various deals or discounts that exist for cheap Disney cruises, or at least cheaper Disney cruises. Below we explore these Disney Cruise Specials: what kinds of specials are available, and where do you find them? Read more [...]