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Disney, Costa, Hurtigruten, and Windstar Among Cruise Lines Extending Suspensions and Cancellations of Sailings

It seems that nearly every day brings the news of more and more cruise lines stating that it will be even longer before they can resume operations. Read more [...]

Hurtigruten Ship Nearly Collides with Dock!

In a very shocking video taken by a bystander, a Hurtigruten ship is seen fighting against strong winds and nearly colliding with a pier. Read more [...]

Eco-Friendly Cruises for the Eco-Friendly Traveler

If you're concerned about the environment, finding the correct cruise can be a challenge. If this is something that's important for you when selecting what companies to travel with, read on to check out some of the most eco-friendly cruises out there. Read more [...]

A Look at Some of the Craziest Cruise Destinations

There is a whole world of cruises that go off the beaten path to visit exotic locations. If you're someone who's interested in travelling places your friends have never been, check out our quick look at some of the craziest places cruise ships can visit! Read more [...]
Norwegian Arctic Cruises

Norwegian Arctic Cruises

The earth is an amazing place. It’s filled with locales so beautiful and striking that sometimes one can’t help but feel humbled, and emotional, when viewing them. One such destination is the Norwegian Arctic. We wanted to share some Norwegian Arctic cruises with you that will allow you to see one example of our planet’s majesty first hand. We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite Norwegian Arctic cruises, so that perhaps you may become inspired to experience this magical region yourself. Read more [...]

Hurtigruten Arctic-Spitsbergen Expedition Voyages

Considered the last wilderness of Europe, Arctic-Spitsbergen features unspoiled nature and wildlife filled with rare Arctic flowers, polar bears, seals, whales, birdlife, and majestic glaciers. Read more [...]