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These Are the Cruise Lines with the Biggest Fleets

Cruise lines are only getting bigger and better as time goes on. Each major cruise line now has an absolutely massive fleet. Read more [...]

MSC Ship Catches Fire

Some bad news from MSC Cruises: one of their ships was seen smoking and on fire on March 12th. Read more [...]

All the Details on MSC’s New Ship, Seashore

MSC announced a slew of details about their newest ship, Seashore, on February 18th. Read more [...]

No Cruises in Canada in 2021 and More Cruise Delays

And just like that, a new slew of cruise delays have been announced for this year. Read more [...]

Great News for MSC: Possible Japan Start, New Deal with Southampton

The end of November brought some great news for MSC Cruises (MSC stands for Mediterranean Shipping Company). Read more [...]

Cruise Line Profiles: MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) Cruises

There are plenty of reasons why a traveler from anywhere on the planet might be interested in hopping on a cruise with MSC. Read more [...]