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All the Details on MSC’s New Ship, Seashore

MSC announced a slew of details about their newest ship, Seashore, on February 18th. Read more [...]

No Cruises in Canada in 2021 and More Cruise Delays

And just like that, a new slew of cruise delays have been announced for this year. Read more [...]

Great News for MSC: Possible Japan Start, New Deal with Southampton

The end of November brought some great news for MSC Cruises (MSC stands for Mediterranean Shipping Company). Read more [...]

Cruise Line Profiles: MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) Cruises

There are plenty of reasons why a traveler from anywhere on the planet might be interested in hopping on a cruise with MSC. Read more [...]

MSC Cruises is Sailing Again and Has a New Ship on the Horizon

MSC Cruises is moving forward with their company by getting their ships sailing again and continuing progress on a new vessel. Read more [...]

MSC to Restart Cruising in the Mediterranean this Month

If you've been dying to take a Mediterranean vacation but have had no options due to COVID-19, MSC Cruises is here to help you out. Read more [...]