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New Year's Eve Cruise

New Year’s Eve Cruises

Wondering how to spend New Year’s Eve? Consider kicking off a brand new year on a fun New Year’s Eve cruise. Some of the top cruise lines offer spectacular trips to sensational spots around the world, on itineraries that span days or weeks including December 31st. Whether you want to get away for a quick New Year’s excursion or feel like taking a grand New Year’s extravaganza, you’ll likely be able to find a cruise that suits you. Some New Year’s Eve cruises go all out with parties and festivities, and others are more like regular cruises, with a modest New Year’s Eve celebration thrown in. No matter which you choose, remember to ring in the New Year in the way that you want so that you’ll have memories to last forever. Read more [...]
cruises for football fans

Cruises for Football Fans

Fall is an amazing time to cruise. In many parts of the world, the scenery takes on a magic that only this season can bring. The holidays are in full swing during Fall too, which means activities on a cruise ship during this time of year are often grander than ever. But, football also takes place during Fall. What are you to do if you’re a football fan and avid cruiser? What do you do about your weekly NFL games? You still enjoy this important part of your life, while soaking up the merriment of a Fall cruise, if you sail with one of the cruises for football fans we'll tell you about. Read more [...]
Norwegian Arctic Cruises

Norwegian Arctic Cruises

The earth is an amazing place. It’s filled with locales so beautiful and striking that sometimes one can’t help but feel humbled, and emotional, when viewing them. One such destination is the Norwegian Arctic. We wanted to share some Norwegian Arctic cruises with you that will allow you to see one example of our planet’s majesty first hand. We’ve put together a list of a few of our favorite Norwegian Arctic cruises, so that perhaps you may become inspired to experience this magical region yourself. Read more [...]
Catalina Cruises

Catalina Island Cruises

Looking for adventure off the coast of Southern California? Take a Catalina cruise and visit an island that offers hiking, dining, shopping, wildlife observing and many other wonderful things to do and see. Catalina Island Cruises can be enjoyed on big and small ships. Visitors to California often like to board big cruise vessels and venture off to Catalina, and then head down to Baja Mexico for more fun. Read more [...]
costco cruises

Costco Cruises with the Grand Princess

A couple of months or so ago, the Grand Princess offered one of Costco's top-selling cruises. At the moment, this is no longer the case, but the Grand Princess is still a very popular ship that Costco members have rated highly. Because of its once (and perhaps future) top-selling status, we decided the Grand Princess needs its own article. Below we supply an overview of the cruises you can take with the Grand Princess, as well as explain how to book Grand Princess cruises through Costco Travel. Read more [...]
The Love Boat and Princess Cruises

The Love Boat and Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is sometimes called the "Love Boat cruise line," which is completely inexplicable unless you're familiar with The Love Boat television series and Princess Cruises' role therein. Princess Cruises played an essential role in The Love Boat, and Princess Cruises came to prominence largely because of its role in the hit television series; in fact, cruising itself came to prominence in part because of the show. Below we explain the precise connection between Princess Cruises and The Love Boat. If anyone ever asks you why Princess Cruises is called the "Love Boat cruise line," you'll have a ready answer. Read more [...]