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What Do the New Outbreaks of Coronavirus on Cruises Teach Us?

What can this new info teach us? Read more [...]

Princess Cruises Confirms Outbreak of Coronavirus on Coral Princess

Well, it seems history is repeating itself, as Princess Cruises has confirmed another outbreak of coronavirus on one of their ships. Read more [...]

Which Cruise Ships May be Used as Floating Hospitals and What Does that Look Like?

There is a new question being circulated among cruise article comments and anywhere else on the Internet where cruise ships are being discussed: can the coronavirus stay infectious on a cruise ship for weeks? Read more [...]

The Most Recent Coronavirus-related Cruise Cancellations

Well folks, it seems that the cancellations relating to coronavirus aren't exactly slowing down this week. Read more [...]

Grand Princess Faces Coronavirus Issues

Sadly, Princess Cruises' Grand Princess is showing us that coronavirus is still quite the threat to the cruise industry as of right now. Read more [...]

Update on Diamond Princess’ Coronavirus Quarantine

If you've been watching cruise headlines, you've likely caught wind of the fact that the Diamond Princess ship has been quarantined in Japan for quite some time now. Read more [...]