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All-Inclusive Cruises

All-Inclusive Cruises: An Overview

It is hard to specify what exactly constitutes an all-inclusive cruise. Is a cruise all-inclusive if the primary expenses of a trip - essentially, lodging and meals - are covered by the cruise fare? If so, virtually all cruises are all-inclusive. However, some people take a more expansive view of all-inclusive cruises, such that every cost associated with the vacation must be included in the fare for it be regarded as all-inclusive, and these types of cruises are harder to come by. While we have written plenty about all-inclusive cruises in the past, we haven't touched on the issue in a while, and in any case we haven't analyzed the precise meaning of an "all-inclusive cruise." Definitions vary, so below we get to the bottom of the issue by providing an overview of all-inclusive cruises. Read more [...]

How to Book a Regent Cruise

Having just written about Regent Seven Seas Cruises and the cruise ships of Regent, we thought we should round out our coverage of the Regent cruise line by explaining how to book a Regent cruise (or, technically, how to book a Regent Seven Seas Cruise, to use the company's full name). By and large, booking a Regent cruise is like booking any other cruise, but there are a couple of components of the process that are worth keeping in mind. Read more [...]

The Cruise Ships of Regent

Compared to the large cruise lines, Regent Seven Seas Cruises (often called "Regent Cruise Line" or simply "Regent") has a small fleet of ships. Regent only operates three vessels, and moreover they are all small. (Again, they are only "small" relative to the behemoths of the cruise industry.) But the size of the Regent cruise line's ships (or any cruise ship, for that matter) is largely irrelevant after a certain point - it is true that no Regent cruise ship is the size of two New York City blocks (unlike the world's largest cruise ship), but who cares? Below we discuss each of Regent's cruise ships - the Seven Seas Mariner, Seven Seas Voyager, and Seven Seas Navigator - although they are best handled together, as they are all quite similar. Read more [...]

International Cruises for Adults Only

Luxury cruises are expensive and they feature a wide variety of entertainment options for adults only such as a large number of casinos, lounges, bars, and events just for couples and singles. Read more [...]

Top Five Fly-Cruise Deals for Winter 2011

First, fares are per person (two to a cabin), per night. Next, fly-cruise deals sell out fast, so always book early. And finally, early booking can also help you save even more, so talk to a cruise travel specialist for details. Read more [...]

Cruise and Cruise Ship Tips

Once you feel that you know a bit more about the different cruise lines and cruise ships, you should get to know your destinations. Depending on the cruise line, you can expect to travel to popular destinations such as the Caribbean, Mexico, Alaska, and Hawaii or romantic and exotic destinations such as Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, Bermuda, and Europe. Read more [...]